After working late last night whilst watching the Mayweather Vs Alvarez boxing match, we had a little Sunday lie-in, so didn’t arrive at the studio until just after mid-day. After checking through the emails and arranging the work for the day, the first job was a mix and master for a hip hop track. Initially we received this track for mastering, but the client had really struggled with the mix, so we had offered to upgrade them to the full mixdown and master service. This meant we could take full control and really bring the track to life.

Next on the list was stem mastering. If you have been following our Studio Daily, you would have read yesterdays article on Stem Mastering. On request of some of our facebook followers on our Audio Animals Label page, we had been asked to show an A/B demo, which you can have a listen on the soundcloud player below. First track is summed and mixed through the SSL desk and the second track is summed and mixed digitally in protools with the ssl desk bypassed. Both mixes are exactly the same and the only difference is one is run through a £20,000 SSL desk and the other isn’t. Would love to hear your thoughts in the comment box at the bottom of the page.

At Audio Animals we do a lot of stem mastering for clients as everyone wants that classic SSL sound we all know and love in the music scene. Super clean super punchy and extremely accurate. The massive benefit to stem mastering at Audio Animals is instead of single track mastering where we only have control over the mix bus, with stem mastering we have control of up to 12 channels. Each of these channels are then summed, eq’d and compressed if necessary on our £20,000 custom built Solid State Logic desk. The difference stem mastering makes always blows our clients away. The problem you have in most studios is a producer is a producer and most of the time very good at producing. A producer is not an engineer and most of the time is not trained in mixing and mastering. With stem mastering you leave the levels of your track and the overall balance of the mix to us. As the mastering engineer we know the perfect mix for our mastering chain. We can also adjust the mix individually whilst mastering to assure the mix is perfect. When we have tracks sent in by well know established artists they almost always opt for the stem mastering package. The mastering package will ensure amazing results if your mix is good. The stem mastering package will ensure an amazing results every time regardless of how well you have originally mixed your track. For the additional price of £15, stem mastering is something most quality conscious artist can not live without. Audio Animals are regarded as one of the best stem mastering companies on the net and are currently placing page 1 for the google search term “stem mastering.” Below watch a video of audio engineer Paul Ashmore stem mastering a dubstep / electro house track. Watch how each channel is mixed through the SSL desk with precision eq and compression.

We also did some work on the design of the site, refining the news pages to make them clearer and easier to navigate. We also added two new banner to the slider on the home page to advertise our new clothing lines.


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We hope you like the changes!

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