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We began the day by working with an artists mix that we had mixed last month but the artists wasn’t happy with the amount of emotion and enthasis there was on the build up. We suggested he took another look at the track before finalising the mix with us and get the track to a point where he was 100% happy. To help with this we issued the him a £50 coupon to use in our sample shop on our Moog Voyager Fx risers sample pack. Now the track is complete and to a point where the artist is 100% happy we can begin mixing and working with his track.


Next on the agenda is stem mastering an 3 track EP. Stem mastering greatly benefits the mastering process. Having full control over 8 stems in the mix means we are able to balance the mix perfectly for the mastering chain, gaining maximum volume and fullness within the master. This process is very appealing to our clients who wish to have a high quality master which is summed through an SSL Solid State Logic console and analogue outboard eq’s. The major benefit to stem mastering is that not all mixes that are done in a home studio are accurate and sometimes lack quality. Stem mastering brings dull lifeless mixes to life.

Audio Animals X Desk

Today there were a number of dnb masters to get done, the first of which was a 4 track jump up EP, followed by a tek drum and bass single.  Next was to re-run a couple of masters for a client, who found the added clarity of the master we had previously done for him had highlighted errors in his mix.

Audio Animals Analysers

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