We stayed late in the studio processing sample packs till 8:00am. Sample packs are so much fun creating and processing but they take ages to process and bounce each sample. Having worked till 8:00am we didn’t arrive back in the studio till gone 1:00pm. After a few cups of tea and check of the emails we began mastering. Todays tracks we have lived up are 2 breaks, 1 house and 2 pop tracks.

We began with mastering the two breaks tracks, both by the same producer and using similar sounds for both the A and B side. Classic amen break and sweeping basslines. Great use of half times breaks. Mastering breaks is always enjoyable. There’s always a lot to work with within the breaks. Having mixed and mastered drum and bass and jungle mainly for the last 10 years, breaks comes naturally to me. The way I see it is slow drum and bass. I find breaks to be very creative and I can really appreciate listening to it from a jungalist point of view.

Next we moved on to the house master. Simple track, nothing too crazy, nice and chilled. In this case less is more. Great use of minimal sounds. A lot of producers feel the need to stack multiple sounds on top of each other to created a sound. Sometimes is worth looking at one or two sounds and processing them correctly to achieve the same or similar sound. It’s not such a bad thing if you are stacking your sounds up to achieve the sound you want. Just maybe worth thinking can I get this sound by correctly processing the sound in a way that I will achieve my goal.

The pop music masters were next and what can I say. We master a lot of music each week of all genres. The tracks were great can see them being big hits. Classic cheesy pop sound, it’s not going to be for everyone but it will certainly sell. Now this is a discussion we have with many people. Do you produce music for the market that will sell most units or do you produce music for the genre you love. Personally I always say produce music for the genre you love. Forget the money. Money is nice but satisfaction and acceptance from your peers in the scene you have looked up to for many years is so much more fulfilling. I recently had this conversation with G.L.B and I asked her if say for instance Nikki Minaj asked her to write her a song would she “sell out” and do it. She replied she wouldn’t. I said if I was asked to say produce a track or mix down one of Nikki Minaj’s tracks I would by all means welcome that with open arms. I personally don’t feel this is selling out I more think it is striving to better yourself. My argument is that these days music is a business and every opportunity should be treated as a business opportunity to further your career and your business.

Be great to hear your thoughts, comment below and lets talk about this.

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