This weekend we completed one of the most inspirational and moving albums we’ve ever worked on. This album consists of 11 tracks, all directed at sending a message. In all honestly it’s such a good album that has so much to give. It’s more than just the music, it’s about the message. The message is clean stop child labour, sex trafficking, child soldiers, domestic servitude and violence against women. I think we can all agree this is a worthy cause and it is a pleasure to a part of this project. We are firm believers at Audio Animals that helping out big or small in any way we can is important.

Below is some information taken from the company Music 4 Freedom’s facebook page.


Music for Freedom is a volunteer based organization dedicated to the protection of global human rights, utilizing the power of music to initiate change, and create awareness by educating the public about human rights abuses through it`s music campaigns.

Through a direct collaboration with international and independent artists, we provide a platform where the artists can share their talents to promote human rights. Music4Freedom supports the cause by giving 70% proceeds from it`s digital music downloads & the remaining 30% to maintain the campaigns.

Initiate change in the minds of listeners! Inspiring and motivating each individual to seek change.

music 4 freedom charity album

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