We started the day by working through the 50+ mastering jobs we have lined up for this week. In order to keep on top of mastering work we have two mastering engineers working together throughout the day and night. The mastering engineers at Audio Animals Studios are myself Paul Ashmore and Nick Burchall.

We began the day mastering a drum and bass roller by Darth Raver. Very hard hitting track and well worth checking out when released.

Next we moved on to master an amazing liquid track by Carbine called Arion’s Theme. This track has one of the nicest piano chord progressions you will ever hear. This track has classic written all over. Excellent drum and bass track we’re looking forward to seeing release.

The 3rd master of the day is by an artist called Graviz and the track is called Phonix. This track is great has so many switches, build ups and breakdowns all with different elements for each. The track is Drum and Bass / Drum Step and full of life. Very dubstep esc sounds, big bass and vocal shots.

We have now moved on to a full mix and master of a track sent in to us by a studio with some of the nicest synths I ever seen. I opened the session to see tracks named Sh-101 bass, Sh-101 lead, 303 etc etc. As you can imagine the warmth and beautiful harmonics coming from these analogue machines means this mix will sound amazing when run through our analogue SSL desk. We started the mix by arranging each track and processing accordingly. We then sent each channel out to the Solid State Logic desk summing all channels through the 24 channel mixer. The kick was routed to the SSL 4k mono compressor, snare was routed to the SSL super analogue compressor, drum fill was routed to the SSL G series bus compressor clone and the bass bus was routed to another SSL super analogue compressor. This allowed us to accurate mix down the key elements of the track perfectly with the right amount of dynamic compression to give us the perfect mix for the perfect master. Now on to the mastering stage we used used for this project the Maselec MLA 3, SSL Eq and the SSL G Series Bus Compressor.

The 4th Master of the day was by artists named Vaptor & Dukee an excellent bass heavy hard dnb track, plenty of flavor in this track. Hard hitting punchy drum mix will set dance floors alight all over the world. Great track from these two. The track is title The Matter Of Time. Great track definitely worth checking out when it releases.

We are now finished for the day and plan to work on our own sounds for the next couple of hours.

To order high quality mixing and mastering at an affordable rate please visit our mastering page here. Mastering is charged at £25 per track. Mixing and mastering is priced at only £100 and this includes a full analogue mix down on our Solid State Logic desk. You can order mixing and mastering here on our mixing and mastering page.

Euphonix Mc Control Maselec MLA 3 Compressor

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