We started the day with a smile. We received a phone call from FED EX telling us our new 1176 compressor / limiter will be arriving tomorrow. We are looking to begin building this unit tomorrow night after our session with Victor Simonelli. If you are unaware of who Victor is he is known simply as house music royalty. He is coming into the studio to mix down his latest track and get to grips with us on the SSL desk. High end results for a high end artist. Will be great to have such a world famous artist in the studio. Also Chris Nurding from Bad Habit Muzik will be down as well, so all it all it’s going to be a fun afternoon with some of musics elite.

So we started the day like any other day, had a look at what needed to be done mixing and mastering wise and got down to it. First track we began mastering was a dubstep release. Very ambient sounds with an industrial drum feel. We noticed a few of our samples being used which is always nice to hear. I’m not sure of the artists but he’s been a follower of our page for a while as he has some exclusive samples we gave out in January only for a few days on download. Nice to see these samples make an appearance in this track.

The second track we mastered today was for Myles – Umai Move. This was a great little house number. Cool drums and laid back relaxed vibe. I don’t think he’ll mind me saying the type of music you’d hear played in a strip club. Has a very seductive vibe. Well that’s the vibe we got when mastering it. Very good track and will do very well when released.

The last mastering job of the day was for an artist called Ninja. Two epic hard hitting drum and bass smashers. The mix was great, plenty of headroom which made our life easier. Both great tracks which compliment each other well. Would like to hear more from this artists and will be keeping an eye out for his future releases.

We hope you enjoy reading our daily news about the goings on at the studio.

Paul Ashmore and Nick Burchall ( Audio Animals Lead Engineers )

You can order mixing and mastering with the Audio Animals here or you can opt for our cheaper package which is just high end mastering here. Mastering includes a full analogue master using the legendary Maselec MLA 3 mastering compressor, known as one of the best compressors in the world. Mixing and mastering however includes a full analogue mix down using the 24 channel SSL desk, taking advantage of our SSL eq’s compressors and pres.

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