We began the day with the arrival of our new Solid State Logic E Series EQ and Compressor. Widely known for their snap and punch these little beauties are now sitting pretty housed in our two X-Racks. We now have two SSL 4k eq’s and two SSL 4k compressors making up a stereo pair. In total we have 6 SSL eq’s and 7 SSL compressors in our X-Racks as well as 6 mic pres and 24 channels of SSL analogue summing. Our custom SSL rack can be seen in the pictures below and is a thing of beauty.

After wiring up the new modules we began with mastering 3 tracks all by different artists. The first track was a dubstep / pop / house / electro mix by Izzie Voodoo called Tailspin. Great vocals and very catch as always with Izzie. Track has great energy and is very hard to categorize into a genre as it’s a mix of a few. Watch out for the release will do very well.

The next track we moved on to was a great little dubstep number full thick bass and smashing snares. This particular master took great advantage of the VOG Voice Of God thickening the kick and bottom end in an incredible way.

The last track of the day was a very well mixed jump up drum and bass track by Sick Sense called Night Shift. Watch out for this one the master is seriously large. Will be a massive seller and chart topper.

We ended the day with a lot of admin work. Facebook have decided to change their image sizing for adverts so all images had to be updated. Which wasn’t a problem as we have lot of new gear since our ad went live so was a good time to update the image. We went with the image below. We feel it showcases the range of high end gear we use forĀ  mixing and mastering.

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