Today started with sending out the merchandise orders, a couple in the UK, one to France and two out two America. Next it was on to mastering. The first client of the day was Nothing To Lose and his tracks with Lucy Price. We also had to revise a master for another client as he wanted to tweak his mixdown slightly, so we agreed re-master it at no extra cost.

Next it was onto a track we had been looking forward to getting to, sent to us by our good friend Darren Newman from Urban Karma. We can now confirm the artist we were mastering for is Andrae Carter. The track is a beautiful reggae track that had us nodding our heads through the whole session, lush male and female vocals and beautiful guitar licks. We can’t wait for this track to release it’s going to be a worldwide hit. We will be discussing with Andrae next week his forthcoming album and hopefully will land this contract. Can’t wait to hear what amazing artists are featuring on this album. Pleasure mastering for such music royalty.

Andrae Carter Damian Marley

Andrae Carter was born on December 29th 1984. His early childhood was spent learning the values of life through the teachings of the church, where his father worked as a bishop, and his mother performed pastoral duties. During his early teens, life became a struggle for Andrae as he searched for the meaning, and his purpose within it.

He found it difficult to understand the struggles of so many, the success of a few, and the complete disregard of others. Andrae felt life empty, and he could not envision a positive future for mankind. Andrae knew all the visions that surrounded him with hungry children, sick people and poverty stricken areas like Portmore, Kingston and Spanish Town would someday see a better tomorrow … But how?

When he was 16 years old, his father gave him a guitar. He took to it instantly, and locked himself away from the world until he was able to play it competently. Through his music, Andrae found a new passion for life. He discovered that he could live, and share the beauty of life with others through music.

In 2001, Andrae played for a church group called Voice of Joy. Shortly thereafter, he began spending time with his Uncle Bob and Uncle Billy learning his craft and developing his abilities. He watched, learned, and fine-tuned his skills all while playing and songwriting. He performed with local Jamaican musical groups until coming to the United States in the summer of 2001 to visit family.

That summer trip led to a part time job in an ice factory where he worked hard earning the money to pay for his first guitar pedal. Years passed until the day came where an opportunity of a life time came knocking, Andrae auditioned to play professionally for Damian Marley.

Currently as of 2013, Andrae Carter has performed live concerts, laid tracks on albums such as Distant Relatives’ single “My Generation” with Lil Wayne, Nas and Damian Marley. As well as the new hit single “Affairs of the Heart” by Damian Marley. Mr. Carter has performed on tour for a number of major artists as well.

Recently Andrae completed the Distant Relatives Tour as a band guitarist with Damian Marley and Nas in South America where Andrae made a bold decision to branch out as a solo artist. Based in New York, his band will debut their single “Don’t Go Chasing Vanity” in the Fall of 2012 effectively introducing Andrae as a solo artist to the world.

The single “Don’t Go Chasing Vanity” derived from the burdened heart of Mr. Carter seeing young people chasing after material things in life while literally “selling their soul for gold” in so many respects.The gullibility of the youth led astray through consumerism, greed and materialism was the catalyst for the inspiration behind this track. The message of “Don’t Go Chasing Vanity” is to “put God first and he will provide everything thereafter” whilst remaining true to your faith proving it never fails.

Andrae Carter has just released his first two singles entitled “Don’t Go Chasing Vanity” and “In This World” on the Heart & Soul Riddim featuring Further Notice. Andrae Carter brings a fresh new sound to the world of music today, oozing a Caribbean undertone fused with a New York city life beat. So sit back and enjoy the great vibes cause this artiste is set in motion. Take a moment to join his fan page and for “JAH” sake Click the “LIKE” “SHARE” “FOLLOW” button to show your support….

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