We started the day by booting up protools and jumped straight in on a huge dubstep track full of power and screaming nasty leads.  This track will do very the classic dubstep formula very hard hitting and will rip up any dance floor. The second track by this artist is a trap mix of something special. I wouldn’t want to name this track but it’s an excellent remix of a classic and is probably going to be a surprise to a few people.

The second track we moved on to toady was a chilled house with very subtle shuffle and hat ride progressions. Chilled house is quite a simple genre to master as it’s fairly repetitive and constant in terms of the drum beat. Mastering house music is fun as you have a lot of breathing space to pull sounds up through the mix.

We have now moved on to Tony Rocky Horrors two new releases. For this release he wanted to test out the stem mastering instead of his normal single track master. What we agree we would do for him is do one stem master and one single track master of the same track. This way he can accurately hear how much difference stem mastering really makes. Then added benefit of having your track run through an SSL desk does wonders for a digital mix. The kick was sent to the SSL e series compressor, sub was outputted to the SSL e series eq, hats and perc loop was outputted to the SSL g series bus compressor, snare was outputted to the SSL super analogue compressor. The difference is huge. I always like to show people the difference quality gear does to a track always blows them away. We hope you like it Tony Rocky Horror.
The second track we are mastering for Tony Rocky Horror is in keeping with the first track, big bass and catchy leads with sweeping pads. Both tracks compliment each other well and will make a very big release.

Next we moved onto Nothing To Lose’s masters. He has sent in two tracks to be mastered. Both tracks were the same with different variations of the vocals. As the two tracks had the same master applied we did not charge him twice. Instead we charge for only one master, we feel this is fair as the second track uses the same settings on the analogue chain as the first track. This track is a remix for one of which I have not heard the original. Excellent vocals on this track with a strong dubstep vibe. Lots of wobbles and growls, very appealing to all listens.

The last master we worked on today was by Kaptain Spacekase. Track titled Bass Bomb. A huge drum and bass jump up track with lots to offer. This track is not going out on Audio Animals and is being sent out to various labels looking to be signed. The track is full of energy and so hard hitting. We run this track through our SSL g series bus compressor giving this track the nicest punch and snap.

We hope you enjoy reading what we do day to day and please comment below interact with us.

SSL Master Bus Module Maselec MLA 3 mastering

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