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Today we finalised the full mix and master of a theatre production which included around 50 actors and singers, strings, drums, horns, flute, harp, bass guitar and acoustic guitar. The full mix of this theatre production was one hour and 40 minutes long and consisted of around 30 different tracks / songs. Mixing a full theatre production consisting of instruments, vocals and room mics is no easy task. Panning and eq of each channel is important in any live performance but even more so in a theatre production of 50+ channels where a lot is going on at the same time.

Rose Brampton

We began the mix a couple of weeks ago by getting the session ready for the client to arrive and run through exactly what was required from the mix. Once the mix was set up and ready to work with we invited the client in to work through the mix. We sat down with the client for around 6 hours working through the instrumental mix. Now complete we added the radio mics / head mics of all the vocalist and actors to the mix. The reason for working as two separate sessions was due to only receiving the instrument recordings and the radio mic recording at a later date. In order to move the mix along we worked with the instruments and got that finalised with the client. Now the radio mics have been inserted into the mix we can move forward with mixing the volumes for each track and the full performance. Once we were happy with the vocal mix, we sent this off to the client to approve and edit where necessary. Once the edits came back we worked through these and began finalising the master copy. Once the master copy was printed we sent this off for approval. The client was pleased with the end result and confirmed it was ready to be send to be put on the DVD. We’re very pleased to have this project wrapped up and completed. Only thing left to do now is splice each individual track from the master copy as audio tracks.

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Audio Animals Theatre Production

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Rose Theatre’s beautiful 900 seat circular auditorium is situated in the idyllic Royal Borough of Kingston Upon Thames, its circular design brings great intimacy and epic scale to all the productions that appear here.

The Rose works with internationally renowned theatre companies and directors to create and present world class productions that are accessible to all.  Our education and community programmes ensures the theatre is for everyone, from all ages and tastes. We are proud to work closely with our volunteers from Kingston and South West London who are an integral part of the Rose community.

We are an artistic hub for the region and beyond by presenting a wide range of events; music, dance, comedy, circus, opera, fine art, talks, festivals and much more.

With a welcoming atmosphere and exciting work at affordable prices, Rose Theatre Kingston is truly a world class theatre on your doorstep.

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