We began the Sunday session early, well early for a Sunday 10:00am. We began with a nice chilled house track which was sent in for mix and master. The track consists of 24 stems which we will process eq compress and sum on the analogue SSL desk. We began the mix by bouncing a reference of all the stems. This way we can reference to the original mix by the client and make sure we keep each sound roughly where he wants each sound in the mix. Once the bounce was complete we normalized every channel and began to process each sound correctly. This track in particular had a lot of sub frequencies stacked on top of each other so careful attention needed to be applied to these. Below you can view a full video of the mix down in progress. In this video you can see how the analogue desk effect the track. Hear us switch from A to B to reference to the original mix, notice the change in quality analogue eq compression and summing is making to the overall quality of the track. We have now completed the mix and are moving on to the analogue mastering. For this track we used the legendary Maselec MLA-3 easily one of if not the best multiband mastering compressors. Such an important part of our mastering chain.

Keeping with the House / Dance music genre we moved on to mastering a track by Smash Tv remixed by Digital Vinyl. This track really benefited from our SSL G series bus compressor, gave the track a certain punch and snap it was otherwise missing. The master came out sounding amazing. Tyler contacted us on Friday asking if we could squeeze him in as his track needed to go out to distributors on Monday. At no extra charge we will always make a deadline for you. Some companies charge for rush jobs. We just understand that sometimes it all just falls on top of you and there isn’t enough time in the day. We will always make sure your deadline is met. To charge extra for this service wouldn’t be fair. It’s only a case of staying late at work an extra hour or two to cover the quick turn around for that day. If you need a quick turn around just state so in the comments section of your submission.

The next track we began to work on was a Trance / Dance style track. As you can imagine with most trance / dance tracks they are quite long in comparison to other genres. This track was 9 minutes long. Not the longest single track I’ve ever mastered. My longest was 13 minutes and again was a trance track. This track had a big solid kick which again really benefited from our SSL G Series Compressor giving the track that snap and punch it required.

We’ve now moved on to the next master which is a nice bouncy garage mix. We’ve mastered a lot for this producer and every track he sends is always at the top it’s game. Daloops is definitely a producers to look out for the garage scene. We really liked the way the VOG voice of god EQ sat on the kick of this track. Gave the bottom end a solid feel guaranteed to rock any dancefloor.

The 4th master of the day is a jump up drum and bass track. Screaming leads and a punchy oldskool jungle bassline.

The last master of the day is another jump up drum and bass track full of soulful vocals and sweeping basslines.

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