Today we began the day with the arrival of 100me who was over to mix down and master one of his releases. First off there were a few tracks to master which 100me quietly observed on and as he so politely put it became the tea bitch. With the tea on tap we began mastering 3 tracks. 1 of which was remix of 100me’s track which partially why we rolled his mix and master into the days session. We began by mastering a remix of 100me’s track Contemplation by Rekurve and allowed him to observe the mastering process. After this we had some more tea and began the next two tracks by the same artist Tony Rocky Horror. One was a drum and bass jungle track including some great oldskool elements that really took me back to the glow stick days. The 2nd track on the release was a beautifully clean drum and bass number. Full of arps and bleeps, worked so well with the great drum mix.

One the mastering was complete for the day we began mixing down and mastering 100me’s release. This track was an awesome breaks mix with huge sweeping basses but retaining the mellow vibe. Amazing vocals throughout and such a nice track to mix. 100me has a knack for producing amazing breaks tracks full of lively drums and full thick bass. The smile on his face when the master was complete. Always great to show an artist the process and potential their track has first hand. It’s just a shame everyone can’t have this treatment. Record sales would be up and quality control would be at an all time high. This release will do incredibly well and guaranteed to stand out from the crowd.

Once we completed 100me’s mix and master we were blessed with the presence of one of the pioneers of the New York house scene Victor Simonelli. Victor has a very special release out in the near future featuring some amazing talent. We’ve been lucky enough to be chosen to be a part of this project and hopefully will be remixing something special for the release. I’m not exactly sure how much we’re allowed to disclose so we won’t go into too much detail. If you are unaware of who Victor Simonelli is click here and read a short interview. Victor is know as New York House royalty and has been a big part of the growth of the scene. Was true a pleasure to have such a genuine nice guy in the studio with us. We began the short session by chatting about future projects and talking about what we do at Audio Animals. Coming from an analogue background and a love of high end audio quality we could talk oldskool gear all night long. After talking and taking the time to get to know each other we had the pleasure of showing Victor our mastering skills whilst re-mastering his original mix of 1993 hit Do You Feel Me released on Fruittree Records. To master such an iconic track is not only an honor but also a sign of how far Audio Animals have come in a year of being in business. Below you can hear the club mix of Victor Simonelli – Do You Feel Me. Keep your eyes peeled and watch out for this future project. As soon as we know more we will keep you posted.

Watch this space

Victor Simonelli Audio Animals Studio

Victor Simonelli Audio Animals House MAstering

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