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First thing this morning I had to make a stop by the post office to collect two parcels. This first was a beautiful new Lindell Eq for our 500 series API rack.

Lindell Eq

The two API racks are now filled with the following modules.

  • 2x Little Labs Vog Bass Resonance EQ
  • 2x Maag Eq4’s
  • Shadow Hills Duel Vandegraph
  • Neve Portico 542 Tape Saturation
  • Elysia X Filter EQ
  • Elysia Nvelope 500 Transient Designer
  • Lindell EQ
  • Lindell Compressor

API 500 Series Audio Animals

The second parcel to collect from the post office was from Totally Dubswise a label we master for on a regular basis. We received 2 t shirts one for Paul and one for Nick. Included in the parcel was a copy of Totally Dubwise’s new vinyl release and a clipper lighter.

More info on Totally Dubwise’s Merchandise can be found here

Totally Dubwise Merchandise

Once back at the studio we set down to working through some mix downs. The first on the list was an hour and 30 minute long film to master for a Norwegian company. Once complete we moved on to working with a dance remix of a classic track you will find on our clients releases soon here. We made good use of the new Lindell EQ in this track on the snare drum. With the Lindell EQ we were able to bring out the top of the snare perfect and add a touch of bottom end fullness to the snare pre compressor. I’m incredible impressed with the Lindell EQ and would recommend any engineer to get one. For the price you really can’t go wrong.

Once all mixing was complete we began working through some masters. The first was an EP for a Deep House producer. These tracks were very well produced and well processed kicks and claps. Was a pleasure mastering these tracks and received confirmation of a happy client within 30 minutes of sending the tracks via email.

A few weeks ago I recorded some live snare hits in a photography studio. The room was perfect for live recordings. Not too much room reverb but just enough to capture a full stereo image with a smooth tail.I imported all audio files and began mixing the snare samples on our new X Desk. The overhead sand room mics are routed to channels 1 and 2 with an SSL stereo eq and compressor inserted into the chain. Channels 3 and 4 have a parallel compressor inserted. Channel 7 outputs the snare top and makes use out the SSL 4k eq, Lindell eq and SSL 4k compressor. The Lindell eq is becoming quite a go to eq on snares since getting it. Channel 8 is summing the snare bottom from the DAW and is making great use of the SSL 4k eq and SSL 4k compressor.

Now to record 3 hours of snare hits while I write this article.

SSL X Desk Snare Drum Sample Pack

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