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I began the day by arriving in at the studio sitting down with a cup of tea and receiving a phone call from an unknown caller. The phone call was short and went something like this. I got off the phone and had to laugh at where the music industry is going. Rapper Phone CallLast week we received an order from Nicky Havey which included his remix of our release Live Another Day. We released this track as a remix pack for anyone to download and produce their own remix to release. You can download the remix pack here via our website. True Illusion & Kymberley Myles – Live Another Day ( Nicky Havey remix ) ( Mastered By Audio Animals )

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Words From Nicky Havey I am running the Berlin marathon on the 28th September and am raising money for the Alzheimer’s Society. I would appreciate any sponsorship for doing this as well as completing the UK 3 Peaks Challenge under 24 hours in July, please click the link below:

I have been waiting for some proper stems and new breaks to work with and decided to get Audio Animals first release of this dnb track and wanted to remix this track by True Illusion feat Kymberley Myles.

Mastered by Audio Animals

True Illusion & Kymberley Myles - Live Another Day (Nicky Havey Remix)

We were informed that a track we mixed and mastered for Beth Serburn and Lil Wayne was in shout magazine this week. We took a look at the magazine and to our surprise both Beth’s track was featured along with the DVD release of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 which we mixed and mastered the PSA that is on the dvd.

Beth Sherburn - Joker

Throughout the day we have been working with the mastering of two albums. One is an electronic album which was very enjoyable to work with. A really nice combination of electronic drums and electronic leads with realistic strings complimenting each other. The second album was an 8 track live rock album recorded live at a gig. The vocalist on these tracks was phonominally good. I’m looking forward to promoting this album on our clients releases page here.

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