We started by taking a look at a charity album for a company called Music 4 Freedom. The album consists of live music and a few dance tracks. We haven’t had too much information on the charity but we know it is to combat modern day slavery. We mastered the last charity album for this company and always try to support charities as best we can.

The first track of the album is something quite beautiful. Great vocals and guitar playing. This is by far one of the best vocal performances I’ve heard. Track titled Give Love A Chance.

The second track in the album was called Just Us Justice. Great male vocals and excellent guitar strums. With this master we made great use of the SSL G series bus compressor. This compressor gave the overall track that slight very subtle snap it needed. We used this compressor very subtly over the master bus with great effect.

The third song on the album we mastered is a hip hop track. Heavy kick drum and classic hip hop vibes. Again very meaningful rap and vocal chorus. It’s great to see lyrics written for a good cause not rapping about guns, women and your ride.

The fourth track we mastered from the album is nothing short of brilliance. The vocals are great and the songwriting is so meaningful to the cause. This track is called She Survived and features some beautiful piano playing. All tracks are recorded live and so far this is best engineered in the mix. Very catchy song and know I will be singing it for the rest of the night.

All in all the first 4 tracks are shaping this release up to be a very good album. We’re looking forward to seeing the finished product in stores.

We spent the rest of the evening making a large order of new t shirts. Have a look below and some which we ordered and see our full range here.




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