Today we got a very early start, well in my eyes 9:00am is early. We started the day by finding that the circuit board for our custom build 1176 compressor / limiter had arrived from Australia. This now means we can begin soldering the various components to this board. This is no easy project and will take time and care.

We started the day master a great little remix by Beatwrecka of Andrea Martin – I still Love You. This is a really well mixed track excellent production and great use of the vocals. I can imagine this will go out on a free bootleg so definitely keep an eye out for it and give it a search next week. Well worth a download and listen. After send the artist the master back we asked if it would be going out on free download and posted to soundcloud, which he replied it would. So take a listen and download below.

The next track we moved on to was a trance track. Thumping kick and catchy lead stabs. I don’t know too much about this track as it was sent in by a new artists we have not spoken with before.

We moved onto a jump up dnb track next changing the vibe completely. This track uses great use of film samples. Has a really good mix on it, great punchy drums. Sometimes when mastering jump up the producers don’t process sounds to their full potential and are left with quite flappy drums with no punch or snap causing a very muddy mix. This track really shows how jump up drums should be mixed. With addition of being run through our SSL G Series bus compressor this track is snapping and punching like no other. Very impressed with the production of this track.

We ended the day by re-mastering a track we had previously mastered but the artist hadn’t added a part in the mix when he sent it. So we agreed at no extra charge to send the track back with this part added and we would re-master the track.

Beatwrecka Andrea Martin - I still Love You


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