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Aside from working through a number of dance tracks, and putting the final touches to a theatre production, we have been mastering the first of two albums featuring a range of epic film trailer tracks. These should hopefully get a number of placements, so it will be great to listen out for them in film trailers coming out over the next year or so. We did some similar earlier in the year.

There were a couple of minor issues with Pro Tools today, but it was simply case of trashing the Pro Tools preferences, a simple fix that handy to know. Clears numerous random issues that can occur. As it is such a common fix, I decided to write a little article about how to do it, with instructions for both on mac and windows.

You can read the article here:

How To Trash Pro Tools Preferences

Also, don’t forget our on going competition with some great prizes up for grabs, celebrating 50,000 followers on our facebook page! So far we have around 300 entries to win one of the following prizes. Entry is simple, follow this link for more info:

Prize 1 : £100 Sample Pack Coupon ( worth £100 )
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