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Today we’re working through an album for a Hollywood film compressor. 15 tracks that will be placed in major Hollywood films over the next year. We’re looking forward to seeing where these tracks get placed.

Audio Animals Hollywood Mastering

Blue-Ray and DVD sales for the new Amazing Spiderman 2 movie have reached $98,912,170 as of yesterday. Mad to think how many people will have heard Audio Animals mixing and mastering and hopefully seen our names in the credits. It’s an amazing feeling. 

Audio Animals The Amazing Spiderman 2

We asked a question on our facebook page today. Full list of comments below.

Audio Gear Question

Behringer bcf2000, having physical multi-motorised faders to feel the mix on multiple tracks makes things so much better. Balancing has become easy again…………. I used to work in a proper studio, but at home, it has made a world of difference.

Not strictly ‘gear’ but I’d say acoustic treatment is number one for me!

The engineer.

Maschine MK1 nomnomnom…

My yamahas, their positioning, and mine.

Monitors, if what I’m playing isn’t represented accurately enough, then I’m not creating the music the way i want it to be heard ….. I guess

I would say acoustic treatment is the number one thing. It doesn’t matter if you got good monitors or anything else. If the treatment isn’t good you won’t be able to get an accurate sound.

My Ears

Yea monitors are gud, but during conversion most of does great sound is lost if ur converters are poor

My audio converters

My microphones.

My Event Opal monitors and my custom made JBL subwoofer
My Mac. It really ties the room together

My allen & Heath gs3000 mixer it helps keep the analog synths and drum machines sounding like they should.

My Korg midi keyboard.I wish i had bought one ages ago.

My speakers, then amp then mixer!
Im just a dj tho!

My converters and me :-))

Monitors and Audio Device.


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