We started work today by getting in early and ripping out the SSL desk to reposition the modules into a more channel strip setup. See the new studio pictures here to see what it’s looking like now. The way we set the desk up is as follows.

Channel 1: SSL super analogue channel strip ( eq compressor )
Channel 2: SSL super analogue eq
Channel 9-10: SSL super analogue stereo compressor
Channel 11-12: SSL G series stereo bus compressor
Channel 17-18: SSL super analogue stereo compressor
Channel 19: SSL 4000 E series eq
Channel 20: SSL 4000 E series compressor

We began the day mixing down some Audio Animals releases ready to beĀ  dropped at Pure Science tonight by some dj’s. Was great fun working these tracks on the newly hook up desk. The drum mix really benefited from the super analogue channel strip running post compression with a manly massive passive pre in the box. We finished the mix and quickly moved onto the master as the dj’s playing the tracks tonight needed them by around 5 so they had enough time to burn to cd and get the tracks ready for their sets.

Once we had sent off these tracks we moved on to two masters for Asbo Audio. Both excellent tracks exactly what you would expect from the Asbo boys. Jungle sounds and full of energy. I never like to give too much away about these tracks but these two are pretty special and be sure to see them topping the charts.

We’ve compiled a gallery of pictures you can view here of the studio. Please feel free to take a look and enjoy the images.

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SSL X Rack Channel StripMillennie NSEQ-2 UAD


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