Today we got an early start as late afternoon Danny Rich and G.L.B were coming over to finish off a track the Audio Animals team have been writing called “You Are Like The Sun”.

We started the day by mastering 3 tracks by different artists. One track was a live acoustic instrumental track. I would have liked to have given this track a good stem master. Live acoustic music really benefits from being run through the SSL mixer. All music massively benefits from high end summing. The great thing about stem mastering is very often the mix engineer does not know how the mastering engineer requires the mix. Most artist try to mix their own tracks which results in sometimes an unbalanced mix with kicks too quiet and snares too loud etc. With a stem master the mastering engineer is able to set the correct levels for all 12 stems. This way if the kick is too quiet or the snare is too loud we can adjust the levels to give you a far better master.

The second master we did today was in the form of drum and bass and was an awesome tek roller. So much bass to play with could really be imaginative using the VOG bass EQ. Many times this EQ is very simple to use you can find the kick and fill out all the frequencies in the bottom end. Unlike a normal EQ where you are increasing the band in gain the VOG seems to increase in fullness. Thickening the bottom end of the audio source it is applied to. Such a great addition to the Audio Animals studio. Essential in all bass driven genres.

The third master we completed today was for a rock band. Very heavy metal hard guitar strums and lot of screaming vocals. Rock and Punk music is a lot of fun to master as it can be so unpredictable. With electronic music every sound is processed and the same sound will repeat throughout. With live sound every sound is different. Different velocities, textures and tones to every sound.

Around 5:00pm Danny Rich and G.L.B arrived and we began to mix down the vocals for “You Are Like The Sun”. We now have a mix we are all happy with and will be looking at the master tomorrow with fresh ears on the project. Around 8:00pm we finished up in the studio and shut down for the night. Tomorrow is another day. We have Matt Baker from Rekless Beats in in the afternoon to talk sample packs and future work with us.

We were pleased to see our label hit No.4 in the drum and bass arena weekly album charts today. Recs who produced Deep Inside and In Time have achieved the No.4 position beating Zen, Ministry Of Sound and DNB Arena’s very own Summer Selection album. Also hitting No.1 in the weekly singles release charts was Mampi Swift with – Soldiers ( mastered by the Audio Animals )

Download Recs – Deep Inside – In Time

Dnb Arena Recs Mampi Swift

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