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Day 5: We started the day preparing the mixes for an amazing 6 track acoustic EP. Each track consisted of 4 acoustic guitar channel which needed mixing and 3 vocal channels consisting of a female vocals, male vocals and harmonies. The guitar mix was run through our SSL X Desk where we applied eq and compression. The vocal bus was summed through our maag eq, shadow hills dual vandergraph, neve portico 542 tape emulation units and SPL vitalizer. The shadow hills compressor is one of the best sounding vocal compressors I have ever heard and always does an amazing job of compressing the vocal bus accurately.

Once the acoustic ep was completed we moved on to some mastering work. All tracks were mastered using our analogue mastering chain. This chain consists of some of the worlds most sort after audio gear such as the Maselec MLA 3, Elysia Eq, Shadow Hills Dual Vandergraph, SPL Vitalizer, Rupert Neve Portico 542 and Maag Eq4. The tracks we were mastering were 2 drum and bass releases, 3 deep house releases, an EDM release and 2 trap releases by the same artist.

Mixing and mastering SSL

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