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Day 2 : We began the day working through two deep house releases from the same artists. The Voice Of God Eq played a huge part in the mixing of these tracks. Setting the mix apart from others with a full thick bottom end on both the kick and sub.

After completing the mixdown and master of both these tracks we reset the analogue desk and began working on a track we’ve been looking forward to working with for a while now. A beautiful liquid drum and bass track for a car commercial. It’s always a really nice feeling to watch tv and hear a track you’ve worked on playing in an advert or film.

Once the mixing of this track was completed and approved for mastering by the client we began working through mastering various tracks by various artists.

Once the days work was completed we listed an article on our website promoting the release of one of our clients work, This piece of work was for LA film compossors Alexandre Guiraud, Christian Baczyk, Cody Still, Goran Dragas and Mikkel Heimburger. A 2 part album featuring some of most epic film trailer music you will ever hear. Listen to the album here on our clients releases page :

SSL X Desk

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