After the night befores shift work working on sample packs, it was back into the studio to clear the days studio services. First up were some tweaks to a mixdown that we had done earlier in the week, before finalising it with the master. It is always good when the client can provide reference material, this way we can tailor the mixdown to what the artist was aiming to achieve, especially if they were struggling with their initial mixdown.

Once we had all of the mixing and mastering completed, it was off to Northampton to sign some contracts for sample packs, with the view to pick up our new leather sofa for the studio on the way back. Unfortunately, due to a serious accident on the M11, we were stuck in traffic for a number of hours and so had to reschedule the meeting and head straight to pick up the sofa instead.

After a game of tetris squeezing the sofa into the back of the van, we headed back, taking a nice scenic route so as to avoid the closed M11 on the way back. Luckily we found that the backs of the sofa easily unclipped, so getting it into the studio was nice and easy. It is now positions right behind the engineer, so our clients can enjoy the sessions in comfort, feet up on a reclining leather sofa with a cuppa tea! Audio Animals style hospitality!

Nick Burchall On Audio Animals Studio Sofa

We then went down to our local pub for a few pints and ended up locked in until 4am. We met a guy named James, who to our surprise had an piece of Mozarts floorboard – which we of course had to have our photo taken with. A piece of history.

Mozarts Floorboard with Nick Burchall and Paul Ashmore

Mozart's Floorboard with Paul Ashmore and Nick Burchall

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