We started the day when Danny rich arrived at the studio. Early 10:00am start and we crack on with some music production. We’re currently in the process of writing a track featuring Janethan on vocals. This track is a great drum and bass roller, deep bass, moving reese basses and sweeping leads. We created most sounds using the Access Virus Ti2. If you’ve not heard about this synth you should really look into it. The Virus Ti has been and always will be one of our go to synths.

We finished the day by mastering 3 house / electro / pop tracks. These tracks were all by the same artist and part of the same EP. All 3 tracks were similar and worked well together. Enjoyed mastering these tracks, made great use of the Ampex ATR 102 UAD plugin. This plugin is a tape emulator. I’ve never compared this plugin to the real thing but have spoken with and read interviews with engineers who have and all say the ease of use and editing is a huge benefit. Splicing tape is an art form known by some in the industry. From what I’ve heard the plugin is near a perfect emulation.

UAD Ampex ATR 102

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