Today began with Danny Rich in the studio for a few hours while we worked on a future Audio Animals release ‘Slipping Away’ featuring Janethan. Initially we started by looking at the intro and the riser for the drop, followed by writing the bass line for the drop. We made the bass sounds on the Access Virus Ti2, a nice deep reese baseline and a moving layer to sit on top.

Once Danny had left, it was onto the days studio work. We had scheduled a light day in comparison to normal, as we had had Danny in early on and had cleared most of the backlog the day before. Three masters and a stem master. The first was following on from yesterdays trend where we had a series of catchy pop tracks to master, not necessarily the best plan when you are likely to have a melody stuck in your head for the rest of the day. Today’s stem master was from a guy who regularly get his mastering with us, but wanted to check out the difference having his stems run through the SSL summing mixer, I think he will be pleasantly surprised!

Once all the studio work was done, we stuck around for a few hours to work on a new track. We put together a tight and punchy drum loop, that we mixed down through the SSL and SSL G-Series Bus Compressor. We also wrote a chord sequence, so we now have the fundamentals in place to get creative next time around.

However, a great day of sales today, so back full on bright and early in the morning! Keep them coming!

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