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Today started with relocating the ISA One, to fit in with the recent redesign of the desk. With it’s new position, it is a lot more convenient to operate.

Focusrite ISA One Audio Animals

With the ISA relocated, it was time to start with the days mastering, two tracks for Grand Theft Audio Recordings (each with two versions, original and dub). This is an option when you are ordering mastering with us, if you have any alt mixes eg, instruments and radio edits (not remixes), we can run these through at the same time as the original master, all inclusive of the price (as long as they are supplied at the same time).

Next was a Trap track, it was a remix of a famous song – I can’t disclose any other details at this time, but it is certainly one to look out for if you are into trap. Finally we made a start on a 15 track EDM album, before heading out to a couple of friends birthday meal for the evening, followed by a gig watching our good friend Austin Drage and his band. We went out dressed to compress naturally:

Dressed To Compress Meal

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