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We began the day by setting up session for 5 stem mastering jobs. 3 house tracks and two drum and bass tracks. Stem mastering these tracks through our Solid State Logic desk really opens up a world of possibilities with summing, eq and compression. The major benefits our clients experience through stem mastering is we are able to offer them a high quality analogue summed mix through our SSL desk without changing their original mix from how they require it. Eq and compression is applied where needed before the mix hits the master bus allowing us to control the dynamics and eq of the track perfectly for our master chain. In many of the tracks we work on stem mastering is very important. For instance in one of the tracks we working with today the kick drum was not correctly mixed with sub. If this track was to have been sent in for analogue mastering and not stem mastering we would have had to battle with this issue in the master bus sacrificing some of the bottom end. By having this track sent in for stem mastering we were able to roll off the unwanted frequencies of the sub bass and gate the unwanted rumble/mud that was in the kick. This allowed the kick and sub to work together correctly allowing for a lot louder balanced master.

Maselec Mla 3 Multiband Mastering Compressor

Earlier last week we were sent in for mastering an album by a very talented producer Nicky Havey. We were instantly impressed with Nicky’s production and sound quality he provided. After completing his album we approached Nicky asking what was his plans for the tracks on the album. After some talks we proposed to Nicky we would sign a few of the tracks that are on the album he provided and bring in vocalists for these tracks to perform over. Were proud to have Nicky on board, not only is he a great producer but an all round nice guy who will fit in well with our team of engineers and producers.

We are also in talks with signing another producer who has consistently been sending us quality tracks for stem mastering. We sign all our artists through our mixing and mastering studio. We feel it’s important to support artists who support us.
Audio Animals Sign Two New Artists

An artist we have become very good friends with over the last few years 100me has released an awesome generic cialis india breaks remix of Dani B”s Chart Hit – All Believers……Future Jungle 140 Breaks with his trademark electro synth sounds make this a Class Remix and continues 100Me position of one of the key players in this field.. mastered by Audio Animals.


Mastered by: Audio Animals
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Dani B - All Believers (100Me Remix)

We have an amazing competition on at the moment which can be entered here to win the following prizes. We plan on running a competition every month giving back to the fans that support and follow us.

Audio Animals Prizes

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