At Audio Animals we have a highly regarded stem mastering package making full use of our high end analogue Solid State Logic SSL desk and Maselec MLA-3 multiband mastering compressor. Stem mastering is a package most professional artists use. With stem mastering we have full control over 12 stems allowing us to accurately set the correct levels for the master bus. If for instance your kick isn’t quite loud enough in your mix or it is too loud we will be able to set the perfect level for our master chain. One of the added benefits of stem mastering is that we know our master chain and know the perfect mix to obtain the perfect master.

When sending your stems to us for stem mastering you have to choose carefully which stems you wish to send. We limit stem mastering to a maximum of 12 stems. Many times when an artists submits tracks for stem mastering they will not send the full 12 stems and only send 5. A drum mix, vocal mix, bass mix, lead mix and fx mix. Below is generally how most artist send their tracks in for stem mastering.

Stem 1: Kick
Stem 2: Snare
Stem 3: Hats
Stem 4: Perc
Stem 5: Drum Fill
Stem 6: Sub Bass
Stem 7: Bass 1
Stem 8: Bass 2
Stem 9: Lead 1
Stem 10: Lead 2
Stem 11: Fx
Stem 12: Vocal

Please send your tracks in 24 bit wav with plenty of headroom, -3 db being the minimum amount of headroom we require on each stem. Once you have your tracks bounced you may submit them for mastering here. Please make sure before submitting your track you have purchased your stem master package here and have your order number as a reference.

Below you can watch Audio Animals Engineer Paul Ashmore walk you through how he stem masters a track. Most stem mastering studios will not go so far as to add additional processing as this take time and not every studio offering this service has such a high end SSL desk with the advantages of SSL summing, eq and compression. A full list of equipment we use at the Audio Animals Studio can be found here and images of the gear can be found here.

If you have any questions please just ask or more info on stem mastering can be found here.

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