Each day we will be creating a journal you may say of all the goings on at the Audio Animals studio. You can comment below and share your thoughts on each post. The purpose of these posts are to interact with our client base, fans and followers of what we do.

Today as it’s a Sunday we had a well deserved lay in. Had some friends over the night before and we ended up in the studio drinking and watching films till 4 am. So myself Paul Ashmore and Nick Burchall arrived in the studio today at about 1pm. Last night we purchased the new UAD plugin by Brainworx. It’s a basic guitar tuner only $20 but does exactly what it says on the tin. Run audio through the plugins and it’ll tell you what note is being played. Check it out here. We have spent the last hour making sure that every sound we created for a sample pack was perfectly in tune. Happy to report they were.

We have spent the best part of today creating promotional videos for our website home page. The video features one of the Audio Animals tracks due for release late September. For the promotional video we have filmed audio equipment in action being used by Paul Ashmore. This video will be used to advertise our equipment list and the way we operate here at the Audio Animals Studio in London.

 Audio Animals Promo Video

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