Today at the Audio Animals Studio we were blessed with the presence of Gemma Louise Browne G.L.B recording for a new track called “You Are Like The Sun.” This track was produced by the Audio Animals production team Paul Ashmore, Nick Burchall and Danny Rich. The track features G.L.B who also featured on the smash hit by Danny Rich – Fortune Teller. We originally recorded the hook for this track for a loopmasters sample pack but we decided it was too good not to use. Gemma arrived at the studio and 12:00 with 4 sausage rolls, of which Paul ate two. We began with recording harmonies ( low, mid and high ). The mic we decided to use was a Karma K58 run through an SSL Super Analogue pre-amp and SSL Super Analogue compressor. We Also recorded an exclusive mix for an artist supporting this track this weekend at Pure Science. 100me will be the first dj to have a copy of this track and will be dropping his exclusive mix two months before release live in the future jungle / breaks room at Pure Science in Maidstone Kent UK. After we finished recording the harmonies for the track we began mixing them down. The vocal mix consisted of 3x background harmonies, 2x adlibs, 3x main vocals and a low and mid harmony on the main vocals. We have now finished the mix and will begin mastering tomorrow.

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