The weekend was a crazy busy one as usual. In total I think we managed to get 15 tracks mastered and 5 mix and masters complete in the space of 48 hours solid work. The problem with such low prices for such high quality mastering is everyone comes to Audio Animals for their mastering. Now this isn’t a problem this is great but does mean two engineers have to work around the clock on and off most days to keep up. This weekend Paul Ashmore was working on his own as Nick Burchall was in Ireland discussing sample packs with a big recording studio. Hopefully when he arrives back we’ll have that contract sorted and will be using their high end recording studio for future sample pack recordings.

This weekend consisted of a lot of mix and mastering for various different clients. We were mastering everything from classical instrumentals for a tv advert to dark jungle bassline rollers. The weekend had a wide range of different genres to master. I started Saturday morning tweaking a mix I had previously mixing and mastered for release on Audio Animals by Recs called Ethos. This track will be released on vinyl October 31st 2013 along with a Kaptain Spacekase track. Pre order the first 50 units here. Exclusive vinyl releases by Audio Animals, limited to 100 presses only, first come first serve. Each copy is signed and numbered out of 100.

Whist the mixing and mastering keeps me working solid through the day from 9:00am – 8:00pm I then move on to work through the night creating sample packs due to be released on October 25 with Loopmasters. We have a long few weeks ahead of us in the run up to our Loopmasters label release.

maselec mla 3

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