Today we were working on our latest release featuring G.L.B – You Are Like The Sun. We completed the mixdown which seemed to take forever. The track is full of vocal harmonies and mixing down the vocal parts proved difficult. The vocals were recorded through the ssl super analogue mic pre using a Karma K58 valve mic. We will be going back to the arrangement of the track tomorrow. We felt the tracks breakdown needed some additional vocals and a bit of a switch up.

On an unrelated matter I walked down to Tesco and found they now have Lucky Charms on the shelf.

When we got back from the shop with fresh ears we referenced the mix again and agreed on a few small changes. Now about 5:00 pm we are moving on to the mastering. We would love to delve into more detail here about our mastering and the way we go about it, but we would prefer to keep our routing and chain exclusive to us. Mastering complete we sent Danny Rich and Gemma a copy to listen to in which Danny replied the following.

danny rich facebbok

After finishing up for the day, it was time to take some time out to start writing a new Audio Animals release. With fresh drum loop together, we wrote a nice little piano chord sequence on the Nord Electro 3, for which we recorded to midi for later use. To complement this, we also wrote an 8 bar piano melody, as well as an off beat stab section. With a rough structure in place and the midi for the chord sequence to hand, we started to shape the rest of the tune by creating sounds from the Access Virus. Looking forward to getting some time to work some more on this track, has a real positive vibe to it.

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