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Track Artist Subkill
Track TitleI Use Massive VIP
Track Release Date06/05/2013
Track Release NumberAA-006

Audio Animals are proud to announce the release of a soon to be huge artist, Subkill. At only 14 he is Audio Animals youngest producer. Audio Animals Studio’s are taking this young talent under their wing and plan on turning him into a dubstep phenomenon.

The melody of I Use Massive VIP has infected minds of just about everyone who has listened to the catchy track. Inspired by nothing but messing around on the piano, this track soon built up to become what is known as a floor shaker. I Use Massive VIP has been getting ridiculous amounts of great feedback from 14-year-old Subkill’s following, as well as support from his family and friends. Some of his friends have been caught whistling the melody randomly. The “drop” of I Use Massive VIP was created accidentally, it was meant to consist of a calm sub bass, instead, messing about in “Native Instruments: Massive” created a monster bass which overtook the whole song and pointed it into a whole new direction. The name of the song was inspired by the VSTi “Massive”, purely because it always takes his songs to completely new levels.

Subkill Soundcloud

Subkill Twitter

Jake Claybrook Subkill Dubstep Producer

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