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Digilantz are a multi genre songwriting / production duo consisting of Ben Adcock and Patrick Mcquade. Currently based in the East Midlands, Digilantz are signed to Audio Animals records writing and composing music for film, tv, games and other artists.

Both from strong musical backgrounds, Ben and Patrick started out back in 2010 as songwriters looking for an outlet for their work. After finding a passion for Drum & Bass and respecting the high level of technical skill involved with the genre Digilantz have spent the last couple of years honing their production and songwriting skills. Their appeal lies in crafting melodic hooks with driving musical production and they specialise in making well produced music that appeals to both commercial and underground audiences. With a range of influences including Danny Byrd, Sub Focus, Netsky, Friction etc they also take inspiration from artists such as Jimi Hendrix, Timbaland, Tamla Motown and Soul among others.

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What’s New With Digilantz

Digilantz currently have around 6 tracks completed and ready for their album. All of which are being reviewed and looked at to make sure they are at their best possible potential, before going to the Audio Animals Studio for mixing and mastering.

Digilantz have completed the first track on their forthcoming album. The first track is called “Who Do You Love” and will feature vocals by an artist we have not selected yet. Who Do You Love is a very energetic commercial drum and bass track. Catchy lead synths and punchy drums.

Digilantz are currently writing a library of music for tv and film placements. The first of which is a drum and bass release called Gigante, which has been written with game placements in mind. An energetic uplifting drum and bass track incorporating catchy melodic leads and solid bassline. Within this library of music Digilantz have another 10 solid tracks currently being mixed down ready for release.

Music By Digilantz

Who Do You Love is a commercial drum and bass release which will feature a female vocalist. Catchy lead synths and creative patterns, a must have in any dj’s arsenal.

Gigante is an uplifting drum and bass track that incorporates sweeping lead lines and melodic arpeggiations. Currently being remixed by Audio Animals as well as True Illusion, this release is set to ignite any dancefloor.

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Images Of Digilantz

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