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What I Do

  • Producer / Remixer
  • Sound Designer
  • Session Guitarist
  • Make Tea For The Studio Engineers ( Studio Apprentice )


Hello! My name’s Dan Squire and I’m currently 22, producing original music and doing other bits and bobs as a sound designer and session guitarist. My day job as a Vehicle Mechanic in the Army keeps me in the black and helps me to fund my passion as the aforementioned!

I studied Music GCSE but left school for a job and ultimately the money that comes with it. Back in 2005/06 our school had educational copies of Reason (3.0 or 4.0 at the time) and I was instantly hooked, recreating music I was brought up on including 90’s Trance, Breakbeat, Rock and Metal. This sparked the passion for production which has been there ever since! My only regret was not obtaining a copy of Reason at the time and continuing from there.

In August 2011 I rediscovered Reason and began creating music once again, starting with 4.0 and progressing to the now audio-friendly Reason 7, finding love for mixing live instruments with electronic elements and vice-versa.

I love creating and listening to all styles of music and putting my personal spin on my productions, which you may find throughout my music. I’m influenced by a broad range of artists and styles from both current times and past.

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