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South East Connection

South East Connection are a multi genre songwriting / production trio consisting of Paul Ashmore, Nick Burchall and Alex Tower. Currently based in London and working within the Audio Animals production studio, South East Connection write and produce music of all genres including scores for tv, film and games.

Working within the Audio Animals production studio has it’s benefits. A 1 metre by 2 metre vocal booth used to record both vocals and instruments. The South East Connection studio is located next door to the Audio Animals mixing and mastering studio. This means that engineers Paul Ashmore and Nick Burchall can engineer tracks once completed to their highest potential.

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What’s New With South East Connection

South East Connection have moved into their new home at the Audio Animals production and sound design studio, located next door to the Audio Animals mixing and mastering studio. The benefits of situating the studio here is that we have access at a moments notice to a professional mixing and mastering studio, ensuring the whole process of production, mixing then mastering is covered. The production and sound design studio is equipped with a 1 metre by 2 metre vocal booth used for recording both vocals and live instruments. Custom built and fully isolated, the booth allows us to track any instruments we require to use in the production of a track. Within the studio are a large range of synthesizers and midi controllers including a Moog Voyager RME fully expanded semi modular analogue rack, Doepfer Dark Energy, Moog Minitaur, Access Virus Ti Snow, Arturia Minibrute, Roland Integra 7, Korg MS-20, Novation Mininova, Technics Piano and Novation Impulse. The studio is interfaced using a UAD Apollo (including all plugins) and a 16 channel TLA summing mixer. Software includes Protools 10/11/12, Cubase Pro 8.5, all East West samplers, NI Komplete Ultimate, Arturia V Collection, all Output Samplers, Sylenth 1, all UAD plugins plus many many more. Pre amps include an ISAone pre and 4 SSL VHD mic pres . Additionally 2 UAD emulated mic pres include API, Neve and UAD. Vocals are recorded using an Oktavamod Hulk 990 modified condenser microphone.

South East Connection are currently writing a library of music for tv and film placements. The first of which is a orchestra remix of Digilantz Gigante, which has been written with film trailer placements in mind. A hard hitting yet beautiful score incorporating strings, pianos and huge drums. Within this library of music South East Connection have another 15 solid tracks currently being composed ready for release.

Music By South East Connection

Have You Ever Been Honest was composed and mixed by South East Connection for Austrailian artist Kiki. An orchestral mix with amazing vocals. Written in mind of taking the listener on a journey. Taking you through different emotions. Which is how we feel music should be written.

South East Connection’s Blog

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Images Of South East Connection

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