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Kontakt Drum Samplers

Kontakt Drum Samplers are a collection of various drum hits compiled into a kontakt sampler. All kontakt samplers have their own custom GUI and unique properties to make sound design a far more enjoyable and creative experience. Each kontakt sampler has it’s own convolution reverb that includes 128 different impulse responses recorded in various different locations across the United Kingdom. Banks include locations such as indoor rooms, industrial spaces, enclosed spaces, school, mental hospital, gunpowder mill, military fort and aircraft base. An eq and compressor has been applied to each kontakt sampler for use across the samplers mix bus. Ensuring maximum control over the samplers as they leave the sampler and into your session.

Donwload Your Kontakt Drum Samplers Here

Drum Sample Packs

Drum Sample Packs are a collection of drum samples in wav 44,100kHz format. Each sample has been mixed and processed at the Audio Animals studio applying all manner of analogue processing to gain the very best from each sample. Drum sample packs include full drum kit hits, cymbal hits, hi hat hits, snare hits and percussion hits.

Download Your Drum Sample Packs Here

Free Sample Packs

Free Sample Packs are a collection of free samples including drums, guitar, synths, fx and vocals. All free sample are either samples from an our back catalogue of now discontinued sample packs or teaser samples from other sample packs. All samples are recorded in wav 44,100kHz format and royalty free.

Download Your Free Sample Packs Here

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