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Kontakt Instrument Samplers

AAS-009 :: Analogue Tones Vol.1

Analogue Tones Vol.1 is a virtual analogue kontakt synthesizer that includes 100 analogue tones in an easy to select wave table across two oscillators. Oscillator 3 is a powerful analogue sub oscillator that can be perfectly mixed into Oscillator 1 and 2. Within this kontakt sampler are 4 eq’s, lowpass filter, highpass filter, bus compressor, 2 adsr’s, lfo and convolution reverb. The convolution reverb includes 128 unique impulse responses. Impulse responses include indoor rooms, industrial spaces, enclosed spaces, school, mental hospital, gunpowder mill, military fort and aircraft base. More information here…..

Price : £25
Size : TBC
Release Date : TBC


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