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Mix and Master

Order Your Mixing And Mastering Here ( £60 – £300 Per Track )
Order Your CD Duplication Here ( £30 – £1160 Per Track )
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Harrison Perks 

As a producer I always like to know I have someone I can rely on 100% for jobs I need doing. Having an experienced mastering engineer with a fantastic ear and great knowledge of the process is something I look for. I have used several mastering engineers in the past however not one of them can amount to the professionalism and quality of Paul from Audio Animals. Paul delivers my work on very tight schedules to a standard of perfection. Anyone who is looking for a mastering engineer with a fantastic ear and great service should look no further then Paul Ashmore and Audio Animals.

Pinestro Roberts

Audio animals mixing and mastering Services is top notch quality. As a producer, I always worry about how the engineer will translate the mix what I did with reference to something more powerful – with them – they took it a step further and created more depth to the mix and mastering made it all the difference. That’s what separates them from any other online mixing and mastering services. They are BEASTS when it comes to the communications that they are concise and fluid with timing and know just about how to go about the process as any engineers do, but more geared to clients needs. The artist was indeed happy as well, and I personally highly recommend this service to everyone! I can’t wait to get my Mixtape : Ep and stems for sampling mixed and mastered by them because I know sonically, my work will stand out from everyone else. Thanks Audio Animals for the awesome work! Phinestro Film Composer | EDM pop | sound designer Twitter / instagram @Phinestro


I’ve been using Audio Animals for my mastering since they initially set up the business. The first thing that struck me was how friendly they were and their willingness to help me get the results that I wanted. This is company that is happy to connect with their clients on a one-to-one basis, without pretentious airs and graces, which (as an artist) is a huge help. One aspect of my work that I have never been quite happy with was the final mix. I have a home studio that is well treated, however I always felt that my final touch (i.e. the mixdown) was lacking. I knew what I wanted, but couldn’t quite achieve it. This weekend I took the plunge and opted for a full mix and master, and I have to say that it was worth every penny! Listening back now, I know that the finished product is the best that it can be. It’s clean, full of power and with wonderful analogue harmonics that have lifted my creation up to another level. It’s not just the kit that makes this do good though, it’s the people involved. Both Paul & Nick know their stuff and are more than happy to advise and educate. I not only came away with a great finished product, I came away with an understanding on how to make it even better next time.

Chris Malpass

I love them my days nearly brought a tear to my eye.

What Is Mixing And Mastering

The mix and master are the final stages in the post production of a track. The stage in which the separate elements / stems of a track are carefully put together, with the sounds shaped and positioned in the stereo field to give maximum impact and clarity. This is done through a series of specialised techniques, and high end audio equipment.

Analogue-Outboard-Equipment     Audio-Animals-Mixing-And-Mastering     Solid-State-Logic-X-Rack     ATC-Monitors

Mixing And Mastering Service

Audio Animals offer a unique mixing and mastering service catering for all genres of music, using high quality analogue audio equipment. The centre piece of our mixing and mastering setup is our 36 channel Solid State Logic console, including both 4000 e series and 9000 k series eq and compression. By using one of the industries best mixing desks we are able to insert a range of analog hardware into your mix, such as the legendary Shadow Hills compressor, Maselec multiband compressor and peak limiter, 2 Maag eq’s, Stereo Elysia eq, compressor and transient designer as well as 2 truly unique Rupert Neve portico 542 tape saturation units. For a full list of audio equipment Audio Animals use click here or watch our promotional video below. For more detailed information contact us via email or phone ( 10am – 8pm ) via our contact page here.

10 Channel Mix And Master – £60 / $92 / €81 ( 4 – 7 Days )
20 Channel Mix And Master – £80 / $123 / €108 ( 4 – 7 Days )
30 Channel Mix And Master – £100 / $154 / €135 ( 7 – 14 Days )
40 Channel Mix And Master – £120 / $185 / €162 ( 7 – 14 Days )
50 Channel Mix And Master – £140 / $216 / €189 ( 7 – 14 Days )
60 Channel Mix And Master – £160 / $246 / €216 ( 7 – 14 Days )
80 Channel Mix And Master – £200 / $308 / €270 ( 7 – 14 Days )
100 Channel Mix And Master – £300 / $463 / €405 ( 7 – 14 Days )

  • Order four or more mix and masters for 10% off – COUPON CODE: AA-MixMaster-10-Over-4
  • Order eight or more mix and masters for 20% off – COUPON CODE: AA-MixMaster-20-Over-8

More Info And Order Your Mixing And Mastering Here

CD Duplication Service

Audio Animals offer a CD duplication service like no other. High quality analogue CD mastering and duplication at an affordable price. By far the cheapest CD duplication service online. We offer this service at such an affordable rate as a way of supporting our clients music and giving them an additional outlet for their music. Be it for distribution to shops or to promo material to give to dj’s or fans. Our CD’s are duplicated using a R Quest NS2100 multifunctional CD and printer. Print quality is amazing and returns a very professional looking CD. Below are a few images of CD’s we have burned using our CD duplication service.

Download JPEG & PSD Artwork Template

The Lost Enemy Colour - Cd Duplication     AAF-001 Nicky Havey - Rocket Ship     Southern Junction     Audio Animals Promo Cd

Trinner Mix Tape - Cd Duplication     The Lost Tapes - Cd Duplication     Kafzon - Cd Duplication     Fiendreflex - Cd Duplication


50 / 2000 Black Text CD’s On Spindle –  £30 / £800 ( 60p each / 40p each )
50 / 2000 Colour Image CD’s On Spindle – £39 / £1160 ( 78p each / 58p each )

More Info And Order Your CD Duplication Here


Full Audio Animals Client List Click Here

Full Audio Animals Equipment List Click Here

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