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Mix and Master

Order Your 20 Stem Mix and Master ( £80 per Track )
Order Your 40 Stem Mix and Master ( £100 per Track )
Order Your 40+ Stem Mix and Master ( £300 per Track )

  • Compressors
    • Maselec MLA-3 Multiband Compressor
    • Shadow Hills Duel Vandergraph
    • SSL G Series Bus Compressor Clone
    • SSL X-Rack Super Analogue Stereo Compressor
    • SSL X-Rack 4k E Series Stereo Compressor
  • EQ’s
    • Maag EQ4 Stereo EQ
    • Elysia Stereo EQ
    • 2x Little Labs Vog
    • SSL X-Rack Super Analogue Stereo EQ
    • SSL X-Rack 4k E Series Stereo EQ
    • SPL Transient Designer MK2
  • Interface And Mixer
    • SSL Alpha link Madi-AX (AD/DA Convertor)
    • Apogee Duet 2 (AD/DA Convertor)
    • SSL 24 Channel Summing Mixer
    • SSL Master Bus Module
  • UAD Plugins
    • Ampex ATR-102 Tape Simulator
    • Studer Tape Simulator
    • Manley Massive Passive EQ (Mastering)
    • Millennia NSEQ-2 EQ
    • Neve 1073 EQ
    • Neve 1081 EQ
    • Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor
    • Trident A-Range EQ
    • Little Labs Voice Of God Vog Bass Resonance EQ
    • Sonnox Oxford Inflator Compressor
    • Precision K Stereo Ambiance Recovery
    • Precision Enhancer kHz
    • Precision De-Esser
    • Precision Bus Compressor
    • SSL 4K Bus Compressor
    • Brainworx Modus Equilizer BX1
    • Bax Dangerous EQ

  • Daw Controller And Mixer
    • SSL Nucleus
    • SSL 24 Channel Summing Mixer
    • SSL Master Bus Module
    • SSL Alpha link Madi-AX (AD/DA Convertor)
    • Apogee Duet 2 (AD/DA Convertor)
  • Compressors
    • Maselec MLA-3 Multiband Compressor
    • Shadow Hills Duel Vandergraph
    • SSL G Series Bus Compressor Clone
    • 2x SSL X-Rack Super Analogue Stereo Compressor
    • 2x SSL X-Rack Super Analogue Mono Compressor
    • 2x SSL X-Rack 4k E Series Mono Compressor
    • 1960′s LA2A Clone
    • 1176 Limiter Clone
  • EQ’s
    • 2x Maag EQ4
    • Elysia Stereo EQ
    • 2x Little Labs Vog EQ
    • 2x SSL X-Rack Super Analogue Stereo EQ
    • 2x SSL X-Rack Super Analogue Mono EQ
    • 2x SSL X-Rack 4k E Series Mono EQ
    • SPL Transient Designer MK2
  • Mic Pres
    • 2x SSL Super Analogue Mono Mic Pre
    • 4x SSL X-Logic Alpha VHD Pres
    • Focusrite ISA One
  • UAD Cards
    • UAD Octo PCIE Card
    • UAD Quad Satellite

  • Vocalists / Rappers
    • Lil Wayne ( hip hop rap artist ) [ visit site ]
    • Frankee Razor ( top 10 american idol finalist ) [ listen here ]
    • Bridget Barkan ( scissor sisters ) [ listen here ]
    • Andrae Carter ( world class guitarist for DAMIAN MARLEY ) [ visit site ]
    • Kele Le Roc ( UK vocalist my love / little bit of lovin #8 UK charts ) [ visit site ]
    • Zoe Birkett ( west end musical star and 3rd place finalist on pop idol ) [ visit site ]
    • Austin Drage ( x factor finalist 2008 ) [ visit site ]
    • Steve Balsamo ( lead role in westend musical jesus christ superstar ) [ visit site ]
    • Ben Richards ( westend theater star and actor ) [ visit site ]
    • Zoe Rainey ( westend and broadway theater star ) [ visit site ]
    • Charlotte Riby ( westend and broadway theater star ) [ visit site ]
    • Chris Manoe ( singers inc / dancers inc ) [ visit site ]
    • David Boomah ( drum and bass vocalist )
    • UNCZ ( drum and bass mc’s ) [ listen here ]
    • Mc Funsta ( drum and bass mc UNCZ ) [ listen here ]
    • Harry Shotta ( drum and bass mc UNCZ ) [ listen here ]
    • Francis Wood ( finalist on THE VOICE ) [ watch here ]
    • Ragga Twins ( jungle ragga mc’s ) [ watch here ]
  • Film / Tv
    • Sub Pub Music ( LA film music producers ) [ listen here ]
    • Warner Bros. Pictures ( film company ) [ listen here ]
    • 20th Century Fox ( film company ) [ visit site ]
    • BBC ( tv / radio ) [ watch here ]
    • Winter’s Tale Trailer ( russel crowe / colin farrell ) [ watch here ]
    • X-men – Days Of Future Past ( patrick stewart / hugh jackman / james mcavoy ) [ visit site ]
    • Rick Stein’s India Recipes ( bbc tv program ) [ watch here ]
    • Mikkel Heimburger ( sub pub music )
  • Drum And Bass Artsists
    • Mampi Swift / Charge recordings ( drum and bass label ) [ listen here ]
    • Nicky Blackmarket ( owner of blackmarket records soho ) [ listen here ]
    • LTJ Bukem + Madcap ( Good Looking Records ) [ listen here ]
    • Random Concept ( drum and bass label ) [ visit site ]
    • Dj SS ( formation records )
    • Cabin Fever ( drum and bass group )
    • Cabbie ( drum and bass producer )
    • Yardrock ( drum and bass / jungle label ) [ visit site ]
    • Asbo Audio ( drum and bass label ) [ listen here ]
    • Dj Panic ( jump up drum and bass producer )
    • Torchman ( drum and bass dj )
  • House / Dance Artists
    • Victor Simonelli ( house music royalty )
    • Jimmy Saunders ( onebass9 recordings ) [ listen here ]
  • Dubstep Artists
  • Companies / Live Artists
    • Singers Inc / Dancers Inc ( music and dance agency ) [ visit site ]
    • Fabric Live ( london nightclub ) [ listen here ]
    • Point Blank ( music school and record label ) [ listen here ]
    • Martin Hearn ( world class drummer for THE DRIFTERS ) [ listen here ]

Q. Do I bypass eq and compression on individual tracks?
A. If the eq and compression is key to creating your sound do not bypass.

Q. Do I send my DAW project folder files?
A. No please bounce all stems to wav format 16-24-32-bit 44,100kHz.

Q. How long does it take?
A. 1 – 2 weeks.

Q. What is an SSL summing mixer?
A. Solid State Logic is one of the world best mixer brands with amazing results.

Q. How do Audio Animals get such good results?
A. This is partly down to experience and also the high end equipment we use.

  1. Select your Studio Service here and add to cart.
  2. Now View Cart.
  3. Check your order and proceed to checkout.
  4. Fill out necessary details, name and email address.
  5. Accept terms and conditions and click place order.
  6. You will now be directed to paypal where you can pay using card or paypal account. ( paypal account not required )
  7. Once payment is complete you will be returned back to the Audio Animals site.
  8. You can now fill out your upload form. Click here and open the upload form.
  9. Now upload your track to WeTransfer, dropbox, zippyshare.
  10. We will be in contact as soon as we receive your order.

  • 16 – 24 – 32 bit Stereo Wav 44,100 khz ( preferably 24 bit )
  • -3db of headroom ( lower is fine )
  • Bypass any master bus compression / limiter / eq / widening
  • Send multi track stems of every channel in your mix
  • Send files via our upload form after completion of payment here

To prepare your track for mixing down, you will need to bounce/export each of the sounds into single audio channels (44.1kHz, 16-24-32-bit). Please remove any compression and limiting etc off of your master bus. You can then purchase your mixing and mastering here and one of our engineers will be in touch personally.

What is a Mix and Master?

The mixdown and master are the final parts of the post production of a track. It is the stage where the separate elements of a track are carefully put together, with the sounds shaped and positioned in the stereo field to give maximum impact and clarity. This is done through a series of specialised techniques, and high end audio equipment. For detailed information on the two, please have a read through these:

How much does it cost and what will I receive back?

Mixing and Mastering is priced depending on the amount of stems your track has. Mixing and Mastering is priced from £80 – £300, which includes the mixdown and the master. You can pay for your mix and master here. Once you have done that you will need to send us your track to work on, which you can do on this page. Once the mix and master is completed and approved by the client we will send back to you both the wav 24bit mix and master files. We will also include at the request of the client full mixed stems for future production. This service is free of charge but will only be included in your zip if you request so in your order form here. If you require an instrumental and acapella of track as well we can bounce these while mixing your track.

How Do I Pay For My Mix and Master?

Why Use Audio Animals To Mix And Master Your Track

Unlike a lot of mixing and mastering studios charging from £80 – £300 per track for a digital mix down inside the box using plugins. Audio Animals sum out of the box using an analogue SSL Solid State Logic 24 channel summing mixer. This is the same summing mixer used in most no.1 hit records. We have a full SSL Solid State Logic Rack consisting of incredibly high end A/D D/A converters24 channel summing mixer, eqs, compressors and pre amps. The reason most artists and labels choose Audio Animals to mix down their music is simple…. Quality. For £80 – £300 you are receiving a mix down on equipment that would cost you £1000′s at most high end studios. With Audio Animals that same high quality audio mix down is available to you for a fraction of the price. For a full list of studio equipment we use visit our studio page here or watch our promo video below. More images of the studio can be found here.

We have a large client base ranging from world famous session drummers, hip hop rappers and reggae artists to underground unestablished music producers. See what they have to say about the service we provide here in our testimonials.

Audio Animals ensure the highest quality mixing and mastering service. When compressing we use the industries best multiband mastering compressor the Maselec MLA-3 costing £3400 and Shadow Hill Duel Vandergraph. Mastering is not just an eq and compressor as many think. There are many factors that need to be taken into account when mastering. We do not use basic software like Ozone and T Racks to master our clients music.  We’ve worked in the mixing and mastering industry for the past 12 years and have built up the perfect mixing and mastering chain for our style. We guarantee you will not find a better service on the internet that provides such high end equipment at this price. Affordable high quality mixing and mastering is now at everyone’s reach not just the major labels and artists.

Tour Of Audio Animals Studio

Examples Of Audio Animals Mastering Service

Here are some examples of Audio Animals mixing and mastering service, switching between both mixed and unmixed:

Do I Get Discounts For Multiple Purchases?

Simply apply this coupon code to your order in your cart.

  • Order four or more mix and masters for 10% off – COUPON CODE: AA-MixMaster-10-Over-4
  • Order eight or more mix and masters for 20% off - COUPON CODE: AA-MixMaster-20-Over-8

Paul Ashmore Mixing Down

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