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Installing The New SSL X Desk At Audio Animals

Online Mastering / Stem Mastering / Mixing And Mastering / More Info Contact Us Today we received our new Solid State Logic X Desk in the post. We’ve also ordered an additional 8 channel summing module for our SSL X Rack which will be arriving sometime this week. We’ve wanted to extend our SSL summing mixer  Continue Reading »

Audio Animals Branded and #aa4life T-Shirts

This weekend we launched our new merchandise lines, starting with t-shirts. We will be adding further lines in the near future, including ladies sizes and hoodies, ready for the fast approaching winter season. You can view the ranges using the links below: Audio Animals Branded #aa4life Leave us a comment at the bottom of the  Continue Reading »

Audio Animals Stem Mastering 14/09/13

Today we began by stem mastering an excellent dubstep / breaks / electro style track. So much energy involved in it. The type of track you would hear in a film like Transformers. The original mix was ok but the difference stem mastering makes to a track as a whole blows clients away. The massive  Continue Reading »

Dubstep / Drum And Bass Mastering 11/09/13

We began the day with the arrival of our new Solid State Logic E Series EQ and Compressor. Widely known for their snap and punch these little beauties are now sitting pretty housed in our two X-Racks. We now have two SSL 4k eq’s and two SSL 4k compressors making up a stereo pair. In  Continue Reading »

Audio Animals Production Day And Master 05/09/13

We started the day with a quick trip down the cafe for a fry up. On the way we found Danny Rich in K.F.C getting some early morning chicken. Danny sat on the wall outside the cafe while we ate our fry up. Walking back up we discussed the days plan of action. We’re currently  Continue Reading »

Mastering Day Multi Genre 04/09/13

Today we got a very early start, well in my eyes 9:00am is early. We started the day by finding that the circuit board for our custom build 1176 compressor / limiter had arrived from Australia. This now means we can begin soldering the various components to this board. This is no easy project and  Continue Reading »

Music Production And Mastering 03/09/13

We started the day when Danny rich arrived at the studio. Early 10:00am start and we crack on with some music production. We’re currently in the process of writing a track featuring Janethan on vocals. This track is a great drum and bass roller, deep bass, moving reese basses and sweeping leads. We created most  Continue Reading »

Breaks / House / Pop Music Master 02/09/13

We stayed late in the studio processing sample packs till 8:00am. Sample packs are so much fun creating and processing but they take ages to process and bounce each sample. Having worked till 8:00am we didn’t arrive back in the studio till gone 1:00pm. After a few cups of tea and check of the emails  Continue Reading »

House / Dance Music Mixing And Mastering 01/09/13

We began the Sunday session early, well early for a Sunday 10:00am. We began with a nice chilled house track which was sent in for mix and master. The track consists of 24 stems which we will process eq compress and sum on the analogue SSL desk. We began the mix by bouncing a reference  Continue Reading »

Dubstep / Drum And Bass / House Mastering 29/08/13

We started the day with a smile. We received a phone call from FED EX telling us our new 1176 compressor / limiter will be arriving tomorrow. We are looking to begin building this unit tomorrow night after our session with Victor Simonelli. If you are unaware of who Victor is he is known simply  Continue Reading »