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Breaks / House / Pop Music Master 02/09/13

We stayed late in the studio processing sample packs till 8:00am. Sample packs are so much fun creating and processing but they take ages to process and bounce each sample. Having worked till 8:00am we didn’t arrive back in the studio till gone 1:00pm. After a few cups of tea and check of the emails  Continue Reading »

Mastering And Mixing Down With Danny Rich And G.L.B 25/08/13

Today we got an early start as late afternoon Danny Rich and G.L.B were coming over to finish off a track the Audio Animals team have been writing called “You Are Like The Sun”. We started the day by mastering 3 tracks by different artists. One track was a live acoustic instrumental track. I would  Continue Reading »

Vocal Recording 19/08/2013

Today at the Audio Animals Studio we were blessed with the presence of Gemma Louise Browne G.L.B recording for a new track called “You Are Like The Sun.” This track was produced by the Audio Animals production team Paul Ashmore, Nick Burchall and Danny Rich. The track features G.L.B who also featured on the smash  Continue Reading »