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Online Dance Music Mixing Service

Online Mastering / Stem Mastering / Mixing And Mastering / More Info Contact Us What Is Mixing And Mastering? The mix and master are the final stages in the post production of a track. The stage in which the separate elements / stems of a track are carefully put together, with the sounds shaped and positioned in the stereo field to  Continue Reading »

Mastering 2x Albums And Free Download Of Live Another Day Remix

Online Mastering / Stem Mastering / Mixing And Mastering / More Info Contact Us I began the day by arriving in at the studio sitting down with a cup of tea and receiving a phone call from an unknown caller. The phone call was short and went something like this. I got off the phone and had  Continue Reading »

Mozart’s Floorboard 27/09/2013

After the night befores shift work working on sample packs, it was back into the studio to clear the days studio services. First up were some tweaks to a mixdown that we had done earlier in the week, before finalising it with the master. It is always good when the client can provide reference material,  Continue Reading »

In The Studio With Victor Simonelli, Chris Nurding And 100ME 10/09/13

Today we began the day with the arrival of 100me who was over to mix down and master one of his releases. First off there were a few tracks to master which 100me quietly observed on and as he so politely put it became the tea bitch. With the tea on tap we began mastering  Continue Reading »

Drum And Bass Mixing And Mastering 26/08/13

Based in London UK Audio Animals specialise in high end online mixing and mastering. At Audio Animals we own some of the worlds best audio equipment including brands such as Solid State Logic SSL , Shadow Hills, Neve, Maag, Maselec to name just a few. The pride of our kit list is our custom 52 channel Solid  Continue Reading »

Custom Build 1176 Rev G Compressor / Limiter Clone

So last night we decided to buy a 1176 Rev G Compressor / Limiter ( Clone ). We purchased the full kit from a very well respected company called Hairball Audio. What they do is sell you everything you need to build your very own exact clone of an 1176 revision A/D/F/G. As this is  Continue Reading »

Mastering And Mixing Down With Danny Rich And G.L.B 25/08/13

Today we got an early start as late afternoon Danny Rich and G.L.B were coming over to finish off a track the Audio Animals team have been writing called “You Are Like The Sun”. We started the day by mastering 3 tracks by different artists. One track was a live acoustic instrumental track. I would  Continue Reading »

Dubstep / House / DnB Mastering 22/08/13

We started the day by booting up protools and jumped straight in on a huge dubstep track full of power and screaming nasty leads.  This track will do very the classic dubstep formula very hard hitting and will rip up any dance floor. The second track by this artist is a trap mix of something  Continue Reading »

Drum And Bass Mixing And Mastering 21/08/2013

We started the day by working through the 50+ mastering jobs we have lined up for this week. In order to keep on top of mastering work we have two mastering engineers working together throughout the day and night. The mastering engineers at Audio Animals Studios are myself Paul Ashmore and Nick Burchall. We began  Continue Reading »

Vocal Recording 19/08/2013

Today at the Audio Animals Studio we were blessed with the presence of Gemma Louise Browne G.L.B recording for a new track called “You Are Like The Sun.” This track was produced by the Audio Animals production team Paul Ashmore, Nick Burchall and Danny Rich. The track features G.L.B who also featured on the smash  Continue Reading »