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Lindell Eq Arrives And Mixing And Mastering Session

Online Mastering / Stem Mastering / Mixing And Mastering / More Info Contact Us First thing this morning I had to make a stop by the post office to collect two parcels. This first was a beautiful new Lindell Eq for our 500 series API rack. The two API racks are now filled with the following  Continue Reading »

Audio Animals Production Day And Master 05/09/13

We started the day with a quick trip down the cafe for a fry up. On the way we found Danny Rich in K.F.C getting some early morning chicken. Danny sat on the wall outside the cafe while we ate our fry up. Walking back up we discussed the days plan of action. We’re currently  Continue Reading »

House / Dance Music Mixing And Mastering 01/09/13

We began the Sunday session early, well early for a Sunday 10:00am. We began with a nice chilled house track which was sent in for mix and master. The track consists of 24 stems which we will process eq compress and sum on the analogue SSL desk. We began the mix by bouncing a reference  Continue Reading »