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Mozart’s Floorboard 27/09/2013

After the night befores shift work working on sample packs, it was back into the studio to clear the days studio services. First up were some tweaks to a mixdown that we had done earlier in the week, before finalising it with the master. It is always good when the client can provide reference material,  Continue Reading »

In The Studio With Victor Simonelli, Chris Nurding And 100ME 10/09/13

Today we began the day with the arrival of 100me who was over to mix down and master one of his releases. First off there were a few tracks to master which 100me quietly observed on and as he so politely put it became the tea bitch. With the tea on tap we began mastering  Continue Reading »

Breaks / House / Pop Music Master 02/09/13

We stayed late in the studio processing sample packs till 8:00am. Sample packs are so much fun creating and processing but they take ages to process and bounce each sample. Having worked till 8:00am we didn’t arrive back in the studio till gone 1:00pm. After a few cups of tea and check of the emails  Continue Reading »

Drum And Bass Mixing And Mastering 21/08/2013

We started the day by working through the 50+ mastering jobs we have lined up for this week. In order to keep on top of mastering work we have two mastering engineers working together throughout the day and night. The mastering engineers at Audio Animals Studios are myself Paul Ashmore and Nick Burchall. We began  Continue Reading »

Vocal Recording 19/08/2013

Today at the Audio Animals Studio we were blessed with the presence of Gemma Louise Browne G.L.B recording for a new track called “You Are Like The Sun.” This track was produced by the Audio Animals production team Paul Ashmore, Nick Burchall and Danny Rich. The track features G.L.B who also featured on the smash  Continue Reading »

Video Editing 18/08/2013

Each day we will be creating a journal you may say of all the goings on at the Audio Animals studio. You can comment below and share your thoughts on each post. The purpose of these posts are to interact with our client base, fans and followers of what we do. Today as it’s a  Continue Reading »

Mastering Studio

Online Mastering / Stem Mastering / Mixing And¬†Mastering / More Info Contact Us Audio Animals Mastering Studio in London is quickly becoming the place to go for high end analogue mastering at a fraction of the price. 1 track mastered is currently charged at ¬£25. Audio Animals use only the highest quality equipment. You only  Continue Reading »