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Here are a few helpful tips written by our studio apprentice at Audio Animals. These will tips may come in handy anyone looking to land this style of job with any company. We hope you can take something from this article and land that dream job every producer hopes to land.

First Impressions – these mean more to some than others, but essentially you want to make the best you can. The best way to do this is to relax, listen to what everyone has to say and be polite. Contribute to the conversation, no one wants to hear someone harp on about themselves for hours on end.

Maintain A Relationship – find common ground, the beauty of the 21st century is it’s easy to keep in touch. This doesn’t mean constantly spam their inbox though!

Be Patient – of course you want to jump in with both feet but this may not be possible at your particular moment in time. Show that you’re eager to start but leave it at that, no one likes a nag.

Show Dedication – a potential employer will always be looking at the bigger picture, show that you are there for the long-run.

Socialise When Possible – you may be invited to spend time with your employer out of hours, this is a great opportunity to get to know each other in a relaxed environment.

Make Your Intentions Clear – be headstrong, but don’t go in like a bull in a china shop. Show that you can think for yourself and have a plan, short and long term.

Offer To Pay The Bill – chances are if you’ve been invited somewhere (and depending on your employer!) they’ll subsidies or even pay the full bill, but never take this for granted. They’d much rather you offer than expect. Just make sure you can fulfill that payment!

Ask For Advice – instead of guessing at everything, ask your employer for advice – ‘when should I turn up, what should I bring, am I doing this properly?’ Just watch you don’t cross the line between ‘driven’ and ‘needy’.

Make Mistakes – this is no doubt the best way to learn. We all make mistakes and chances are your employer has made every mistake you will make, twice.

Be There – the most important of this list. If you say you’ll be there at 8, be there at 7:45. If you say you’ll be there at 10, don’t arrive at 11.

Written By Dan Squire
Audio Animals Apprentice

10 Tips For Landing That Dream Apprentice Job

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