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1. Post regularly, at least once a day. This will keep your interaction and engagement up. This will result in your posts reaching real fans who care about what you have to post. Resulting in more comments and shares.

2. Keep to a subject. If you are a producer post music related posts. For instance posts regarding your studio and what you are doing in it.

3. Your fans will stay engaged if what you are posting is helpful to them. If you are having trouble finding something to post that is music related. Follow other pages that post interesting and helpful articles such this one and share that post to your fans.

4. Don’t post the same post over and over. If for instance you have a track release that you want to share try to post it only every couple of days rather than every couple of hours. If your fan base have already liked this post before and see it again, chances are they may not click like on it again. Resulting in facebook over time dropping them off your people who will see your posts.

5. Create a like to download page on your facebook page. Give your fans a reason to like your page in return for a free track or production tutorial for instance. People are more likely to like your page if they are gaining something from doing so.

6. Tag your page in anywhere you see fit and have a reason for tagging it. For instance a lot admins of pages will reply to comments like this “comment text” – @yourpagename. What this achieves is an inward link to your page.

7. Comment as your page on other pages posts. This will create an inward link on others posts to your page. This is very effective if lots of people agree with your comment and like it. Your comment could become top comment on a popular post meaning it’s seen by thousands of new people.

8. Share the love. Share other peoples work and tag them. They may just return the favour by sharing something of yours and tagging you.

9. Link your social media accounts so posts on facebook link to your Twitter. Resulting in inward links from Twitter to your facebook page.

10. Have a team of people who run your page. This is especially effective if your page is a record label. This will result in constant interaction as more often than not someone will be online ready to comment, share and post.

11. Post at the right time. Who are you targeting? If it’s UK fans you are targeting don’t post at 2am post at 6pm when the majority of people are online and back from work. Post at various times of the day too to interact with overseas fans. You can find out where the majority of your fans are from by looking at your insights.

12. Interact and reply to comments. The more interactive you are the more your posts will spread to new people. Every time a fan comments on your posts the more it’ll appear in their friends news feeds. They may join in with the conversation and realise that your page is a page they want to see more of.

13. There are lots of additional apps you can apply to your page for free. These apps can be very effective ways of directing new potential fans to your page.

14. Create a video that will be at the top of your page. This video can quickly tell people who visit your page exactly what you are about and what you do.

15. Have an interesting cover photo that will attract people to your Facebook page. Your cover image is shown in news feeds when your page is shared. Think of this as an advertising banner to attract fans to what you do.

How To Boost Facebook Likes

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