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1. Take advantage of our free promotion we offer to all our clients. We list our clients music on our site for others to listen to here. This involves once mastering is complete you sending us links to your Soundcloud player, YouTube video, download store links, artwork / image and a short write up about your track. This service is free and is a great place for fans to find everything they need in once easy web page. By having such a huge online presence we are able to get your track place at the top of google within a few days.

2. If you have alternate mixes of your track ie an acapella, instrumental, extended edit, radio edit and full mix you can have all these mastered at the same price. As long as the master chain is the same for each track all these mixes will be treated as one master.

3. Helpful advice from a professional who understands the industry. If you want to know the best way to go about getting your track signed to a record label simply ask us. Maybe you wish to know how you could improve in future with your mixes or what audio gear we would recommend you purchase for certain requirements. Just ask, were always here to help.

4. Stay connected with us about your release. Tag us in your posts on social media so we can share your release with others. We have a huge online community to reach out to. Recently I put a client in touch with a friend of mine in the states and he has now had his first track placement in the new Nike advert. We can make the connections for you, how far you go with that connection is entirely up to you.

5. Check for discount codes. We offer two types of discounts. 10% off when you order 4 or more tracks and 20% off when you order 8 or more tracks. Coupon codes for each service can be found below. Copy and paste the coupon code in to the coupon code field at checkout.

Digital Mastering Discount Codes

  • Order four or more digital masters for 10% off – COUPON CODE: AA-Digital-Master-10-Over-4
  • Order eight or more digital masters for 20% off – COUPON CODE: AA-Digital-Master-20-Over-8

Analogue Mastering Discount Codes

  • Order four or more analog masters for 10% off – COUPON CODE: AA-Analog-Master-10-Over-4
  • Order eight or more analog masters for 20% off – COUPON CODE: AA-Analog-Master-20-Over-8

Stem Master Discounts

  • Order four or more stem masters for 10% off – COUPON CODE: AA-StemMaster-10-Over-4
  • Order eight or more stem masters for 20% off – COUPON CODE: AA-StemMaster-20-Over-8

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