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There are many ways to increase sales of your music and as many of our clients know it’s something we will always help with by listing their music on our website as a news article including their soundcloud player, youtube video, download store links, artwork and info. We find this a very effective way. Not only does it show fans your music has been mastered to the highest quality it also lists your music at the top of Google within a few days. Meaning your track will always be found when searched for online. All info will be found in one place giving your fans instant access to every aspect of your release.

Other means of gaining additional sales is by contacting YouTube channels such as UKF where your music will be shared to millions of subscribers. These channels are not easy to get on so making a good connection with them is a must. Be persistent. At first you may not hear back from channels but in time you will make that connection and see the benefits.

Facebook, Twitter and other online social media is a great way to push your music out to fans. Be careful not to be spammy and instead of promoting your release detract from it. Facebook offer groups where you can post your links to which can be beneficial. At first you may not see many likes on the post but this does not mean it isn’t reaching possible consumers walls.

Create a professional page that list everything about the release. For instance what we offer our clients on our clients releases page here is ideal. This style of page will have everything your fans want in one place. Artwork attached so that once posted on facebook and Twitter will default the artwork as a image on these sites. All available track download links for sites such as juno, itunes, beatport etc in in one place linking your fans to your release through their preferred download store instantly without having to search the store for it. Basic info about your release so whilst previewing the soundcloud or YouTube video your fans have some lite reading to do about yourself and the release. Maybe list what inspired you to write this track and how you came about making it. We live in an age where your consumer wants to arrive at their desired location within two clicks or less.

Create your own network. This may involve your fans signing up to an email subscription where they will receive a notification of each release via email. If you do wish to create this type of network be sure to approach it professionally. Only send emails to people who have signed up to your email blasts. Don’t gain emails from other means and blast them with emails. They may appreciate the info but 9 times out of 10 will see this as spam.

A network can be created via a facebook page. This form of network is very effective. But one thing I will say is try and offer more than just notifications about a new release. Try to keep posts interesting and on point to music related subjects. If you are for instance a drum and bass label like and follow certain drum and bass news related pages. They will post interesting articles you can share with your fans. By posting interesting news articles you will create engagement and interaction on your page thus increasing your page reach and also creating a sense of interaction with fans on a personal level.

An obvious way of increasing sales is releasing on the right label. There are hundreds of different labels across the music industry. Choosing a label that is able to promote your music to a new audience is great in many ways. Not only do you as an artists gain exposure and fans from this label you will also gain sales through their network. Don’t look at a label so much in the sense of the music they are releasing. Look at the label as can they reach their fans. For instance does this label have a mailing list of 1000 emails of fans who want to hear your music. Do they have a large online presence and fan base that they are able to reach.

Release regularly on the same label. Releasing your music on one label and one label only is good if the label has a large fan base. The labels fan base will keep an eye out for your future releases and in tern buy your latest release.

Releasing your track into such charts as beatport and juno will increase sales. I know common sense right. But if your track sells a lot of units on one certain site you will achieve a chart position. Consumers will go onto these websites and look at what tracks are top of the charts. If your track is in this chart chances are your track will get purchased by new consumers who will buy what is deemed popular.

Post screenshots of your chart positions. Show fans and possible consumers that your track is popular. This will increase sales as the majority of people maybe not you but most people will buy into something that is deemed popular.

Always post a link attached to any image or soundcloud player. If you post an image on the likes of Facebook or Twitter of your release artwork always attach a link to the download as a way of directing people who see this image to the download of your track. You can post this in the post or in the comments section. Another tip is to post the soundcloud player in the comment section as soon as you post your release artwork. This will then attach a player to the comments that anyone viewing the image can play and hopefully enjoy and buy in to it.

Target one download store. If you concentrate on promoting one download store you will be more likely to hit that sites charts. Thus increasing sales through consumers buying what is popular.

Add download links to soundcloud players, youtube videos etc. the consumer may listen to your soundcloud player or watch your YouTube video but if that’s all they do you are missing out on a sale. If a link is attached to the video or audio player the listener will have a direct link to buy your track whilst amerced in your music. You want to make the sale instantly. What you don’t want is for the consumer to leave the player and have the mentality of oh I’ll download it later when I get a minute to search for it.

Embed audio over your track saying your track is out now in all good download stores for two reasons. One is to stop people ripping your music and bypassing buying your track. And two to inform people your track is available to download from all good download stores.

Give your track to trusted Djs. Gaining exposure through Djs playing your tracks out. Be careful who you give your tracks to. You do not want your release to be leaked and available before general release on torrent sites. On average a dj will play your track out to hundreds if not thousands of people a night. Be sure to give your track to Djs a few months before general release. This will give them exclusivity of your track and increase the chances of them playing your track.

People buy music that reminds them of a moment. Getting your track played by Djs reminds them of this moment. Maybe it was the best night of their life and your track reminds them of this night.

Get audio clips of your track played live on radio. Not only is this a great piece of audio to have for yourself. It’s a great way to show your track off as being good enough to be played live on radio.

Post your track on social media at the right time. Posting your track at 4 in the morning won’t be as effective as posting it at let’s say 6pm when more consumers are online. Bare in mind where your fans are from. They may be in different time zones. If you are posting your track out in the UK at 4am you will reach the United States at around 6pm. So on this post promote the link to american based download stores such as itunes and beatport. If you are posting at 6pm UK time you are targeting UK consumers. Which would mean targeting more UK based download stores.

I hope this article has been helpful and you are able to take something from it.

All the best with releasing your music.

Paul Ashmore ( owner and engineer at Audio Animals )

How Can I Make More Sales Of My Music

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