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How are you surviving in the business?

We personally don’t see what the big fuss is about. We’re busier than ever and striving as a business. We see and hear about studio’s failing day in day out and are asked on many occasions if we would like to buy them out. I’m all for helping people out but I won’t be investing into failing studios who can’t turn profits. More and more studios are failing because they can’t keep up with the changing market. Most studios have little or no online presence and connection with their fan base. As a studio we like to give our fan base an insight into the world of Audio Animals and allow them to follow through social media, articles and other online based networking. We cornered the market with high quality studio service for a reasonable price, the only way other studios are able to compete with us is by lowering their prices or copying what we are doing in order to stay afloat. When in reality what they should be doing is investing in themselves and having faith in their companies success,

What are the challenges you face? Esp in relation to other studios.

The only challenge we face as a studio is that we do get a lot of imitators. We have a unique business model and a certain way of going about things which a number of studios have tried to copy with little success. The reason they can not succeed is due to the simple fact that they do not have the unique sound quality we possess, nor do they have the online presence we have created over the past few years. Failing studios need a quick fix and this is something you can not fix quick it takes time. Due to the fact they don’t have this unique sound quality we possess the only way they can compete with us and win clients is to offer their services at discount prices often resulting in putting themselves out of business. Or offering a demo work free before you buy. If you have the time to be able to advertise this type of services all you are telling your client base is that you do not have the work or can not get work in by showing you have lots of free time to do possible unpaid work.

What is the big picture? ( the plan for the future )

The plans for the future is a big one. We have plans to build 5 new studios possibly by the end of the year taking on engineers to work with us. Currently we are just looking at locations and wanting to buy the property outright with one lump sum we want to make sure it’s the right property to buy. We’re currently writing music for artists around the world as a production team which is due to take us to various countries working with artists. The bigger picture is to expand into multiple studios to accommodate these ventures.

Why and when did you start this business?

Myself ( Paul Ashmore ) and my cousin Nick Burchall have had businesses within the music industry before which we treated at beta testing for this company model. Learning what works what doesn’t work and how to succeed in this competitive market. We started Audio Animals on the 9th of October 2012. Reasons for doing so were becuase we didn’t feel any of the studios we were working with were going anywhere and didn’t understand clients needs. Having worked with various artists big and small for many many years I feel I know exactly what the client needs from a studio service such as ours. So we set out to create that service and fill the gap in the market that had not been filled. We didn’t want to copy another companies business model and just follow in the footssteps of others. We set out to create a unique studio that caters for everyone big and small.

How has the rise of the bed room producer affected you business? ( to just clarify, producers who just work from a laptop )

The bedroom producer has not effected us in a negative way at all. We work for everyone including bedroom producers. We offer them advice about their tracks and releases as well as encourage them to fulfill a life within music. The bedroom producer is a great thing to be. Freedom to produce the music you love in your home environment without a management team breathing down your neck to stay current. I personally feel the music industry needs the bedroom producer in order to progress. A lot of major labels will release music that has been produced in bedrooms for the last 10 years unnoticed.

How would you describe your typical clients?

    –  Are they established or just the amateurs?

    –  Are there any famous acts you’ve worked with? Names?

Our client base ranges from Grammy award winning artists and major Hollywood films to underground artists and producers who are having their first ever track released. We treat everyone we work for exactly the same no matter how big or small they are. We do not have a typical client. Our client base is world wide, we have mastered music for I would say every country in the world on many occassions. Our main client base is from Uk, USA and Europe.

Established artists and companies we have worked for include, Warner Brothers Films ( Winters Tale Film Trailer ), Warner Brothers Games ( Lego Batman 3 Trailer ), 20th Centrery Fox ( X Men ), Sony Pictures ( The Amazing Spiderman 2 PSA ), Lil Wayne, Frankee Razor, Bridget Barkan, Andrae Carter, Kele Le Roc, Zoe Birkett, Jenny Jones and Austin Drage.

Audio Animals Clients Include

20th Century Fox Andrae-Carter-Snoop-Dog Asbo Audio Austin Drage

Bad Habit Recordings BBC Ben Richards BHK Samples

Big Dutty Deeze Bridget Barkan Cabbie Cabin Fever

Charge recordings Charlotte Riby Chris Manoe David Boomah

Dead Exit Di’Askel Dj Panic Dj SS

DLA Dirt Lies Audio Erb N Dub Fabric Live Francis Wood

Frankee-Razor-Dancing-Alone Harry Shotta Hyperactive Jenny Jones

Jimmy Saunders Kele Le Roc Kool Fm Kymberley Myles

Lil Wayne Audio Animals LTJ Bukem Madcap ampi Swift Charge recordings

Martin Hearn Mc Funsta Mc Midas Mc Sparks

Mikkel Heimburger Nicky Blackmarket Origin Fm Point Blank

Polarbear Ragga Twins Random Concept Rick Stein’s India Recipes

Rough Tempo Singers Inc SMK Sodatracks

Sony Pictures Steve Balsamo Sub Pub Music The Amazing Spider-Man 2

Torchman Totally Dubwise Recordings UK Export UNCZ

Urban Karma Victor Simonelli Warner Bros. Pictures Winter’s Tale Trailer

X-men – Days Of Future Past Yardrock Zoe Birkett Zoe Rainey

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