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Vincent – Mixing And Mastering
Paul, i just want to thank you for all the hard work you have put into my songs thus far, i listened to them on the way home from work today, and you added such flavor and spice to it. I am forever grateful man. You really gave my songs a professional and perfect sound.

Phinestro Robert – Mixing And Mastering ( The Amazing Spiderman 2 PSA )
Audio animals mixing and mastering Services is top notch quality. As a producer , I always worry about how the engineer will translate the mix what I did with reference to something more powerful – with them – they took it a step further and created more depth to the mix and mastering made it all the difference. That’s what separates them from any other online mixing and mastering services. They are BEASTS when it comes to the communications that they are concise and fluid with timing and know just about how to go about the process as any engineers do, but more geared to clients needs. The artist was indeed happy as well, and I personally highly recommend this service to everyone! I can’t wait to get my Mixtape : Ep and stems for sampling mixed and mastered by them because I know sonically, my work will stand out from everyone else. Thanks Audio Animals for the awesome work!

Tastic Productions UK – Analogue Mastering
Very happy with the master Audio Animals did of my track. Will always come back here for future studio services!

Danny Boi – Analogue Mastering
Excellent mastering services. I’ve used many other studio’s over the years being 42 and all that but this is by far the best mastering service I have used in the last 20 years. I mean come on £25 for what I can see at least a £30,000 mastering chain. Most studios don’t have half the high end gear these guys have. Well done Audio Animals will be using you ever master I have done for my band WORLD CLASS service. Danny Boi

Disgraceland – Mixing And Mastering
I’ve been using Audio Animals for my mastering since they initially set up the business. The first thing that struck me was how friendly they were and their willingness to help me get the results that I wanted. This is company that is happy to connect with their clients on a one-to-one basis, without pretentious airs and graces, which (as an artist) is a huge help. One aspect of my work that I have never been quite happy with was the final mix. I have a home studio that is well treated, however I always felt that my final touch (i.e. the mixdown) was lacking. I knew what I wanted, but couldn’t quite achieve it. This weekend I took the plunge and opted for a full mix and master, and I have to say that it was worth every penny! Listening back now, I know that the finished product is the best that it can be. It’s clean, full of power and with wonderful analogue harmonics that have lifted my creation up to another level. It’s not just the kit that makes this do good though, it’s the people involved. Both Paul & Nick know their stuff and are more than happy to advise and educate. I not only came away with a great finished product, I came away with an understanding on how to make it even better next time.

Leroy DJ – Digital Mastering 
At first I thought well I could do digital mastering using ozone and Tracks. I did my own and never really got noticed. Then I gave my sounds to Audio Animals. Now I’ve heard nothing but amazing things about their analogue mastering but thought can they really do a better job than me. Turns out a million times yes. When I found out even when mastering digital in the box they use the worlds best plugins I can see why. Also experience and knowing what they are doing plays a major part of it too. Amazing how people are receiving my music now. I actually sound like a professional and I stand out. So massive thank you lads you have really taken my music to the next level. Next I will be going for the analogue master which I’m sure will be even better. Seriously huge thank you !!!!!!!!!

Dubnostics – Analogue Mastering
Just received my master back from The Audio Animals and along with the 3 other masters i have had done by them its sounds excellent it just sounds so much more fuller and dynamic and professional and cuts right though in the mix. Anyone looking for mixing or mastering services should look no further you just cant beat the swift professional polite service these guys offer not to mention the absolute incredible value for money for a service that would cost a lot lot more anywhere else and you will just not get the same quality because of the thousands of pounds worth of hardware signal chain that your track will get mastered through. This is my 4th master i have had done by The Audio Animals and i am looking forward to getting all the rest of my future premasters over thanks to all at THE AUDIO ANIMALS.

Chris Malpass – Mixing And Mastering
I love them my days nearly brought a tear to my eye.

Thank you! Nice working with you! I’m really happy with the results!

Fooonetik – Digital Mastering
Thanks for the mastering of our tracks. We’re very pleased with the result! Sounds very good.
We’ll be sure to contact you in the future if we need more tracks done.

Billy Banter – Stem Mastering
Well what can I say. I got my stem master back and wowowowow!!!! Stem mastering is a huge improvement on my track, I can’t mix myself so this was ideal. Audio Animals my new go to studio.

Michael Mikkelsen – Digital Mastering
Just to say thanks for the work on the track. First time I’ve mastered any of my stuff, but certainly not the last time.

Luke Chinnock – Mixing And Mastering
Absolutely incredible job! Thank you for the final master, superb quality!

NTL Music – Analogue Mastering
listened to a few of their before-and-after master demos on Soundcloud. These were good but it’s not they’ve mastered a track you know inside and out that you realise the extent of the magic they can weave into your track. Bigger, fuller, louder and warmer are descriptions that go some way toward explaining how your track will sound after it’s been through the top of the range hardware in the Audio Animals Sound Cave but for £25, I’d recommend trying them out for yourselves. I guarantee, you’ll never play an unmastered track in a set again. James Galloway, Nothing To Lose Music.

Muggsy – Analogue Mastering
Can’t recommend Audio Animals enough!! Friendly, helpful and top quality service all round! Will definitely be coming back! :-)

Mark Evans – Mixing And Mastering 
The mix is really great :) Thanks!!!
Thanks for the great mix and master :) sounds much better… The accapella and backing versions were also a welcome bonus.
We will be using this service for another track very shortly.

Christian – Digital Mastering
Thanks….they sound smooth…very pleased with it.

Timothy – Stem Mastering
I never thought that its possible to improve the Quality and pressure of my track as much as these guys are doing it.! Nick has mastered several tracks for me the past weeks, and I can only say that this is absolutely great work, and superb service. Great & friendyl communication, and always helpful if anything needs to be modified. I can fully recommend the Stem Mastering, and working with AudioAnimals.! Peace, Tim “C.R.I.P.”

Christian Deibjerg – Digital Mastering
Thx for the master…it sounds so cool..Good job.

Dougie T – Analogue Mastering
I left a review yesterday about the mixing service I received, but just wanted to add a few words about their mastering, as that also was incredible. Thank you, you will be hearing from me again, and I will make sure to order the full mix and master service from the start this time!

David – Analogue Mastering 
Awesome! friendly helpful just send them your track and let them work there magic at £25 for a master with the quality that comes back, absolute bargain!!! Dids.

Reuben – Digital Mastering
Thank you. Once again Audio Animals never fails to impress. The master was as great as usual.

Benjamin – Analogue Mastering
Got my first ever mastering of one of my own mixes with Audio Animals. Cannot believe how much better it sounds. It’s just ironed out the mix and made it ready to be put on show. Nothing but compliments for the work they have done. I’ll be back for more!

ITMO – Digital Mastering
Thanks for the master, it is spot on! Really like the result.

Craig – Analogue Mastering
In today’s “interwebz” driven world where, more often than not, quality is compromised for quantity, it’s nice to know that that are some dedicated professionals–artists–who take pride in their craft. Enter Audio Animals and their remarkable collection of omnipotent analog hardware and a track record or top shelf clients. I submitted a mix for mastering that was a bit tight in terms of turnaround time and the boys at AA not only beat said deadline, but turned my mixed track into a punchy, crystal clear master with a brilliant range of dynamics. While I’m sure many will jump on the “you can do this with digital tools,” I beg to differ. There’s something unique about having a track ran through a proper mastering chain of analog gear. Call it warmth. Call it fullness. Personally, I call it fucking awesome. Thank you Paul & Nick. I hope to one day make it “across the pond” so that I can see your sonic weapons of mass destruction in-person. Until then, you certainly have a customer for life. Cheers.

Jon Nelson – Analogue Mastering
I have just had my first track mastered by Audio Animals and on top of the AWESOME master I received, the communication was superb! Audio Animals (Nick) made every effort to make sure that I was 100% happy with the end product. You could easily spend £200 with a different mastering company achieving the same result as you would get from these guys for just £25! Highly recommended!

Gill Chang – Analogue Mastering
Thank you so much, that is very kind of you. :) I’m definitely happy with the quality of the master, and would be a returning customer!

True Color – Digital Mastering
Thanks for the short turn around
I’m really happy with the final result of both tracks , they totally rocked the dance floor
Looking forward to keep on working with Audio Animals

Jonas – Digital Mastering
Thanks for a great master!

KRM Uk – Analogue Mastering
I just heard the track and WOW!
I cant even listen to the Un-mastered mix at all now.
You have done such a great job on the track, I love how the dynamics of the track have still been preserved but its still aggressive and punchy now. I will most certainly be using audio animals animals for future releases!

James Williams – Analogue Mastering
We will be back for more Mastering services very soon!

Alcee – Analogue Mastering
Thank you very much, the track sounds amazing.

Robert Groves ( Vortex Films ) – Analogue Mastering
Thanks so much for this they sound ace! You are a legend!

DJ RUFF RIDE – Analogue Mastering
WOW man!!! The difference is amazing!! Even between the other master of Dragonfly can hear it!!
You’ve managed to pull out or add some really nice frequencies I’ve not heard from that track before :) :)
Will have another good listen 2moro with fresh ears
Good dam work man, worth every penny!
Thank you

Evan K – Analogue Mastering
The tweaked master sounds great now, thanks for the quick turnaround on that! Really happy with the end results for both songs!

Alex Nugent – Analogue Mastering
Fantastic work as always with the last master!
As any producer should be I’m always looking to improve my mixing technique and as you’ve had to deal with plenty of my work, I was wondering if anything sticks out in my work that I can improve on, which would not only help me be a better producer but make your job a lot easier!

Cameron – Analogue Mastering
Most definitely will be back, nothing wrong with the mastering.

Markus Bachmann – Analogue Mastering
Thanks for the great work!! Again very very good!

Paul Liquid Tones – Digital Mastering
Unreal client service and value for money, the best we’ve found so far.

Kir Roberts – Analogue Mastering
Thanks Nick, all sounding lovely, really good job.

William Morris – Analogue Mastering
Thanks Nick that’s great, spot on

Beat Rude Records – Analogue Mastering
Thanks guys, excellent work.

Phil Walls – Analogue Mastering
Tune sounding sick as always thanks alot mate,and thanks for getting it back so quick.

Issa Douglas Kennedy – Analogue Mastering
Thank you! very much Nick appreciate it mate, will be sending over more tracks very soon.

Kyle Pecino – Analogue Mastering
just checking them out now and love them hehe definitely will be sending other tracks as I produce them.

Dj Ruff Ride – Analogue Mastering
These are the first set of tracks that I’ve personally ever sent off for mastering, has always been someone I’ve worked with. Was weirdly a bit nervous haha. You’ve done an amazing job really happy with your work :) :) :) Will sure to be in touch soon.

Alexander Poput – Analogue Mastering
Thank you for your work. And like always it sounds fantastic.

Dr.Strapazoot – Analogue Mastering
I have to say I’m very pleased by the way the tracks sounded pretty much every where..i think that the only issues i encountered where stuff a cud of done better in the mix. I will Shirley be a returning costumer :)

Beat Rude Records – Analogue Mastering
I really like how it sounds, especially from mid to high freq, choir is now very clear, lovely!

Ivo Yordanov – Analogue Mastering
The track sounds great, good job.

Anna Brown – Analogue Mastering

Lost Recordings – Analogue Mastering
Thanks for getting them back to us in time we really appreciate it, tracks sounded great on the system last night.

Jose Carlos Tapiador – Analogue Mastering
I have to say that I really like your work. Honestly, I was not even very sure about the track itself but now with your mastering it is another track and it is much better.

Joe Rooms – Analogue Mastering
I would just like to say thank you for my tracks you mastered, they sound top quality!!
I’m looking forward to using you in my future productions!

Jamie Harris – Analogue Mastering
what the f*** mate just heard the new version, sick!!!!

Elle Exxe – Analogue Mastering
Thanks for sending those through so fast. The mastering is sounding great.

Christian Sudweeks – Analogue Mastering
Couldn’t be more happy on how these ones sound thanks.

Benjamin – Analogue Mastering
I really like the master you guys did, sounds great

Renars Fridbergs-Fridenbergs – Analogue Mastering
Thanks for mastering. Sounds really good now.

Heist – Analogue Mastering
Thank you very much :). We will continue to use your Mastering services.

Mike Garrett – Analogue Mastering
I’m really enjoying the sound and am flabbergasted at how much more volume you got out of it!

Shawn Knight – Analogue Mastering
Cheers guys great work like it alot :)

Gorilla Chilla Productions – Analogue Mastering
From gorilla chilla productions based in manchester, first time used and the client was overwhelmed i shall be using audio animals from now on, and the type of music we do people find it hard to master in the bollywood and bhangra music genres these guys nailed it first time thank you.

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